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Text Processing Software

  • Focus on Business Growth with a VoIP Solution Focus on Business Growth with a VoIP Solution Icon
    Focus on Business Growth with a VoIP Solution Icon

    Cloud Phone Service. Built for Business.

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  • Hebrew LaTeX

    IvriTeX is a project spunned off heblatex and it's purpose is to maintain the Hebrew LaTeX support, and provide a meeting point for Hebrew TeXers for the coordination of improving the Hebrew support.

  • RegexKit

    An Objective-C Framework for Regular Expressions using the PCRE Library for Mac OS X Cocoa and GNUstep.

  • C to C++ converter

    The converter performs automatically the full process of converting the files of a C project into the equivalent C++ files. Classes are created, var and functions becomes attributes and methods and the changes are propagated into all files.

    Downloads: 20 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • C HTML Template Library

    HTML template library written in C inspired by perl HTML::Template. Template language has HTML-like tags (tmpl_var, tmpl_if, tmpl_loop, etc.) Use library to build a variable list and pass it to a template.

  • Queequeg, an English grammar checker

    Queequeg is an English grammar checker for non-native English speakers.

    Downloads: 19 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Word list (hungarian)

    This project will compile a hungarian wordlist for use with spell-checkers like aspell. Additionally it will develop generic tools useful to compile and maintain wordlists for any language.

    Downloads: 19 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • libpdf++

    A C++ library to read and write PDF files, plus a GUI editor.

  • TextWedge Text File Splitter

    TextWedge is a text-file splitter with an editor interface, or a text editor with a file splitting interface. It provides a number of splitting criteria: byte count, line count, hits on search terms, and the lines where the values of sort keys change.

  • Flywheel

    Flywheel is a multi-purpose script engine. Define once, publish anywhere. Only seven template commands to learn. Full Java classpath access to functions through the Execute command. Iterate through lists with the List command.

    Downloads: 18 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • TotesNotes Icon


    Simple Popup Notes

    I was tired of always having to start a new instance of notepad to take a note of something during my busy work day. All the other note applications seem very bulky and didn't really work with the fast pace that I work at. So... I made TotesNotes!. Click the little tray icon and up pops a note pad to pop text into. There are even a few tabs if you want to seperate them a little bit. * Requires .NET 4.5 Note : If you dont see the icon in your tray, just drag it next to your clock. It should stay there for future use. Feel free to add ideas and suggestions to the discussion group.

  • gedit session autosaver plugin

    A simple plugin for GEdit the GNOME editor to automatically save and restore open session of editing tabs

  • Grep GUI

    Search words in text files, display matching lines in tabs. Options to save results, exclude words, display the line numbers. Tiny file for searching big text files. Please leave feedback to help improve the application. Documentation coming soon.

  • Notepad Enhanced Icon

    Notepad Enhanced

    NE is a simple convenient and lightweight text editor

    NE is a very convenient text editor It uses a tried and trued tab system giving it the ability to open multiple documents into separate tabs or append in the same. NE looks nice but is not busy or graphics intensive. Supports file associations. (Requires .NET Framework 4.5 or higher)

  • XSLT syntax highlighting Icon

    XSLT syntax highlighting

    Java based XSLT Processor extension for syntax highlighting

    This is an implementation of syntax highlighting as an extension module for XSLT processors (Xalan, Saxon), so if you have e.g. article about programming written in DocBook, code examples can be automatically syntax highlighted during the XSLT processing phase.

  • abnTeX

    abnTeX está em novo endereço: http://www.abntex.net.br

    ATENÇÃO: abnTeX está em novo endereço: http://www.abntex.net.br abnTeX is a set of LaTeX macros that follow the rules of ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards). ### abnTeX é um conjunto de macros LaTeX que segue as regras da ABNT (Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas). O projeto foi totalmente reconstruído baseado nas novas regras da ABNT e utilizando uma nova técnica para produção da classe, mais informações em: Portal do projeto: http://www.abntex.net.br Grupo de desenvolvedores: http://groups.google.com/group/abntex2 Esta página no SourceForge contém os ativos do projeto original, hospedados originalmente no portal CodigoLivre.org

  • Unicode Converter Icon

    Unicode Converter

    All in one Text, Decimal, and Unicode Converter as you type.

    Unicode Converter is an open source software for converting Text to Unicode and decimal and vice versa while you type. No clicks or convert button! Conversion Options: Text -> Unicode and Decimal Unicode -> Text and Decimal Decimal -> Text and Unicode *Smart settings: The settings take effect directly after you change it and will be saved for you and applied in next runs. Formatting options: Unicode and decimal perfix and postfix to get your desired output, such as \u0001  0001 etc... Please help to review if you like it and leave your comment. Feel free to request new feature to improve it and report any bug.

    Downloads: 17 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • fbchat

    FBChat is a messenger look and feel Windows client for the chat-everywhere (chateverywhere.sf.net) server by A. de Bernis written in Borland Delphi. Features: smilies, private messages, custom colors & fonts, IRC-like commands. Works fine on Linux/Wine.

    Downloads: 17 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Java Text Categorizing Library

    The Java Text Categorizing Library (JTCL) is a pure java implementation of libTextCat which in turn is "a library that was primarily developed for language guessing, a task on which it is known to perform with near-perfect accuracy."

  • Table editor for Emacs

    This elisp package provides text based table creation and editing feature. Emacs can edit tables embedded inside a document, just like a modern WYSIWYG word processor. The latest version generates a table HTML source from a WYSIWYG table.

    Downloads: 15 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • NunniMCAX small and fast XML parser

    NunniMCAX is a minimal (19KB) C library for parsing XML. The API recall SAX and is sequential and event-driven. The parser strives to verify that the XML is well-formed, but no validation. NunniMCAX's FSM has been generated using NunniFSMGen

  • Caditor

    Caditor is a portable tabbed text editor featuring encryption, syntax highlighting, autocomplete, line numbering and a functional plugin system.

  • Guiguts

    Guiguts is a Perl/Tk text editor designed for editing and formatting public domain material for inclusion at Project Gutenberg (www.gutenberg.org). Features are provided for editing text files produced by Distributed Proofreaders (www.pgdp.net). For help or to contact the developers, see http://www.pgdp.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=46944

  • Conversion of other file formats to PDF

    xtopdf: Tools to convert other formats (x) to PDF; x as in math. - solve for x :-) Currently x == {.txt, .DBF}. Others to follow. Benefits: all those of PDF (better cross-platform viewing/printing, read-only, etc.)

  • DocBook to LaTeX XSL stylesheets

    XSL Transformation stylesheets. These stylesheets output LaTeX code from a DocBook (c) XML document. A recent version of LaTeX2e is required.

    Downloads: 14 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Java csveditor Icon

    Java csveditor

    A CSV editor written in Java 1.6 Developed using NetBeans IDE 6.0.1

    Downloads: 14 This Week Last Update: See Project

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