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Development Software

  • Want to improve your MSP’s revenue? Price your services right. Want to improve your MSP’s revenue? Price your services right. Icon
    Want to improve your MSP’s revenue? Price your services right. Icon

    Get the ebook, The Managed Services Pricing Guide 2.0 to get industry best practices on pricing managed services.

    You choose software for your IT business so it makes you money. The margins must be good enough to justify the cost. SolarWinds RMM was priced to give you the margins you need to earn a healthy amount of monthly recurring revenue. Download our all-new Managed Services Pricing Guide 2.0 to find what revenue to expect for your services, including light monitoring, web protection, patching management, backup and more.
  • Take Our Survey. We Plant a Tree. Take Our Survey. We Plant a Tree. Icon
    Take Our Survey. We Plant a Tree. Icon

    In honor of Earth Day, HPCC Systems is committed to planting 10,000 new trees across our national forests.

    HPCC Systems is dedicated to the environment and is giving you the opportunity to take action and be a small part of a big impact. In partnership with the National Forest Foundation, HPCC Systems is growing and promoting awareness of environmental sustainability with their 10K Trees Challenge. The best time to plan a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now! Take our survey and take part in helping the environment.
  • ISOLabel Icon


    Change volume label on ISO 9660 image and Joliet extension

    isolabel is a program that allows you to change volume label in ISO 9660 image file after it was already created. Moreover, you can specify ISO 9660 and Joliet volume label separately, taking advantage of fancy names in Joliet together with simpler, but longer name in ISO 9660; something that tools like mkisofs/genisoimage does not allow you to do in standard compliant way. This program is written to have minimal software dependency, and work on all platforms.

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Old Skool Tech

    This project is an effort to develop open source software for all old platforms, like MSX, Commodore, AMIGA, Atari, ..... and collect technical information about old platforms, keeping the "old skool" flame alive.

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • PHDL Icon


    An HDL alternative to PCB graphical schematic capture tools.

    PHDL is an HDL that functions as an alternative to mainstream graphical schematic capture tools. The language is compiled into a pcb netlist which can then be imported into a layout tool. We are currently on version 2.1 of the tool. We have created an eclipse plugin version of the tool as well as a standalone command-line based version. Both function identically and output a netlist that can be imported into a pcb layout tool. VHDL revolutionized how FPGA designs and digital logic circuits have been designed and captured and overcame many of the difficulties associated with the use of schematic editing tools. We believe the use of an HDL is also the way of the future when it comes to PCB design. The PHDL compiler automatically supports the output of PADS and Eagle netlists, and through extending a simple java class, users can generate a netlist in practically any format required by their choice of a layout tool.

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Ports To Stratus Open VOS

    This Project Aims To Port Various Open Source Software Onto Stratus Open VOS Architecture. Please Refer The Following URLs For More Information On The Architecture.

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Proton Icon


    MolecularDreams Javascript-GUI manager and helper

    Proton subclasses Drone-Application-Server adding GUI support to it, using a wrappers structure based on Qt/GUI. Applications thinked and coded for DAS can be launched and managed in the same manner from Proton.

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • One Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution for Any Need One Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution for Any Need Icon
    One Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution for Any Need Icon

    SherWeb Online Backup Is Your Easy Solution for Cloud & Local Backups. The App Is Free, Pay Only for the Cloud Data Storage.

    With the diversity of IT solutions used, managing backup and disaster recovery can turn very complex for a business. SherWeb Online Backup simplifies everything. You back up servers, desktops, virtual machines and smart devices, plus popular applications and Office 365 data – all from a single web-based console. Active Protection, the embedded anti-ransomware feature, adds a security layer while the Cloud-to-Cloud feature saves network bandwidth.
  • QRMAN Icon


    Url Shortener and QR Codes Generator

    QRMAN an open source Url Shortener and QR Code generator with excellent features. Create, Manage, track Qr codes. Excellent statistics for every QR codes.

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Quambla Icon


    Private file archive (Dropbox, iCloud, etc alike)

    Quambla is a software that installed within your company or private structure will enable you to provide a complete remote file archive service to you and all your staff. The advantages of such technology are: you won't pay anything but you will reuse your ftp and sql resources without relying on any external services and you will keep your data where you really trust. Pure Cloud-systems can be very efficient but have several drawbacks and they are not as cheap as they look since you will get charged each time you use them or each time your subscription expires. Our project took in account each negative issue related to a Cloud-system environment and try to find an alternative solution to it. To use Quambla you need an FTP account with READ/WRITE rights, and at least one MYSQL account with GRANT permission.

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Seed Library Database Icon

    Seed Library Database

    A PHP/MySQL script for keeping track of a seed lending library.

    A PHP/MySQL script for users of a Seed Lending Library. Users can input the seeds that they are lending and borrowing, and administrators of the seed library can keep track of when to contact folks about bringing back seeds that are "overdue".

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project

    ZET-JSON is C++ library for json format.

    ZET-JSON is C++ library for json format. ZET-JSON uses STL library. You can use ZET- JSON (not as the library) with your code. ZET-JSON contains following json extension: the same object names in a container, a comma after the last object in a container, comments, string concatenation.

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • asm68c

    Assembles M6800 and 6801 assembly language source code. (With Forth,)

    A simple absolute mode assembler for 6800/6801. Handles the complete published set of opcodes/mnemonics. Mostly source-language compatible with the common assemblers in use circa 1985, but no macros. Now uses standard LDAA syntax by default. Produces basic S1/S9 object files and assembly listings. (This is for the 8-bit 6800, not the 16/32 bit 68000/coldfire processors.)

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Focus on your Business with an integrated Business Cloud Focus on your Business with an integrated Business Cloud Icon
    Focus on your Business with an integrated Business Cloud Icon

    Reliable & Secure Communications Systems

    • 90+ features: video, file management, cloud phones
    • 99.999% financially backed uptime SLA
    • Expert support, certified by J.D. Power 2 years in a row
  • dababix Icon


    Database monitoring agent for zabbix

    DaBaBix is a Zabbix database monitoring agent. It combines the features of postbix and orabbix, but has been rewritten and improved to monitor different database types (currently postgre/mysql/mssql/oracle) and instances with a single daemon instance based on apache daemons (unix/windows service). Install documents can be found in the wiki!

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • libpdfjs

    libpdfjs is a C++ library that extracts JavaScript code from PDF files.

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • rhbaedit

    Text Editor based on Intel ISIS-II aedit

    Text editor based on interface from Intel ISIS-II aedit, which in turn was based on its big brother alter. This was originally written in the mid 80s on QNX running on an 8088, with a CBM-64 acting as the console. I have used this on every UNIX system I have touched. A couple of things have not been implemented, (a) other - a feature to hold two files in memory (b) error on saving detected, the original ISIS-II would reboot if you attempted to write to a read-only disk, so this part just never happened in the C version - sin of omission. It has even run on UNIX Release 7 on a PDP-II emulator.

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • wxEditor

    wxEditor is an open-source cross-platform code editor written in wxEuphoria. wxEditor is still in "beta" stages of development and may not yet be ready for daily use.

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • AcmeOX

    AcmeOX es un software que demuestra el potencial que tiene OpenXava como framework de desarrollo de aplicaciones java bajo el estandar jsr-168. Permite administrar contratos, sus productos, facturas y clientes.

  • Another YouTube Downloader Icon

    Another YouTube Downloader

    Cross browser userscript to download videos from YouTube in various formats and sizes available. Find size of videos before downloading ( Check Readme.txt in Files section for installation instructions.

  • AnsiGL Icon


    A modern "graphics" API for text-based applications

    Sourceforge is no longer being updated! Check out our new home instead: ---------------------------------------- AnsiGL is a C++ console text "graphics" API using simply ASCII characters and ANSI escape sequences, and all without the use of any video hardware. It strives to be a simple-to-use text-graphical toolkit have with an intuitive interface for developers, while maintaining a sufficiently high degree of flexibility. Many comparable APIs tend to either use video hardware, or are simply not as fully-featured as one might hope or expect, at least in the area of visual elements. AnsiGL can serve to bridge that gap easier, and since it "renders" to a std::string (or optionally, an ncurses WINDOW *), integration should be relatively easy with just about any project. Bindings to ncurses are provided to allow for rapid, fully-featured application development with old and familiar friends, along with AnsiGL.

  • Assorted projects

    Assorted projects. General-purpose libraries for Python, C++, Scala, bash, and others. Meta-programming tools. System utilities. UI components. Web APIs. Configuration files. Benchmarks. Programming competition entries. And much more.

  • CryptoPad v1.0 Icon

    CryptoPad v1.0

    AES-128 bit file encryptor

    CryptoPad is a Java based file encryptor ! It can encrypt every type of file. The icing on the cake is that it's 100% cross-platform. i.e. You can run the same .jar file on Windows, Mac OS, Linux and any OS capable of running JRE 8 :) CryptoPad uses AES-128 bit symmetric key encryption to secure your data.

  • FOPLaboratory Icon


    A GUI frontend to Apache FOP

    FOPLaboratory is meant to help the developer of XSL/FO style-sheets. This utility shall facilitate the repeated transformation of one and the same XML-file to PDF. Its main feature is therefor the capability to restore the configuration of one transformation job for a later run. When XML-contents or the XSL style-sheet change, you can just execute FOPLaboratory and immediately start processing to create an updated PDF-file. On the other hand, FOPLaboratory lets you swiftly exchange XSL-sheets to generate different PDF-files from one and the same XML-contents. The published project files contain the C++/Qt source-code of the program. I am accepting donations. The money is going into the renovation of a farm-house and a barn, as well as into the construction of our domestic wet-park.., some animals.., fruit-trees and stuff. TIA !

  • Internet Host Status Monitor Application

    This is a straightforward shell script with alternate JAVA application to regularly monitor your hosts and let you know via GUI or email if they go down. The app can be run in a simple GUI or via the command line.

  • Soul Parsing Framework

    Soul is a recursive descent parser generator tool for Windows and Linux that comes with a parsing library.

  • YoListoArchivos

    Programa para crear un lista de archivos en un fichero de texto, contenidos en un directorio y subdirectorios.

  • mfpic3d

    The Perl 3D-extension of MFPic LaTeX package aimed to high quality draw of spatial objects, such as vectors, curves, bounded surfaces.

  • PHP Volunteer Management

    This is a PHP Volunteer Management software. Keep track of Volunteer hours worked and location assignments. This system is built on PHP/MySql. Track Hours, Tasks, Share Documents, Send Messages, Personal Documents and Documents for each volunteer that only Admins can see.

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