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Debuggers Software

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  • Stopwatch Perl Module

    Perf::Stopwatch is a Perl Module that can be quickly added and removed from any existing code to debug/optimize portions of code. Example of use are: database calls, loop efficiency, total script time, and webpage timeouts.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • The Tool Box Icon

    The Tool Box

    Tools for the payments type!

    Version 1.1.5 - Added: Added the ability to edit the EMV panel - You can change which tags show, and what order they are in - Added: Tag 9F10 (Issuer Application Data) to which also includes CVR (a subtag of 9F10) - Added: Menu link to the homepage (sourceforge) - Fixed: 9F07/AUC had the wrong tag details - Fixed: File>Close now saves notes and config updates before exiting - Fixed: Tag 95/TVR title had a spelling mistake - Fixed: Homepage wasn't populating EMV page names - Fixed: EMV menu would prompt to update even if there was nothing changed - Changed: Removed unused classes, old stuff that isn't used - Changed: Reverted home page image - Changed: Removed some test prints and refactored EMV classes - Changed: No longer prompts to restart after EMV menu change, just changes it - Changed: EMV Navigation Panel button generation (for the dynamic buttons)

  • NoUnit.Net (nounit-dot-net)

    NoUnit Graphs your code to give you a picture of how good your JUnit tests are. NoUnit.Net is a .NET version of the program. (More Information at

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Orange Software Macros IDE for COM

    A complete IDE to remove the need of an expensive VBA license. Supports VBScript and provides COMPLETE debugger support.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • DSP Emulator Test

    This project contains some test scripts and software for Analog Devices' DSP chip emulators. This verifies whether a particular emulator is working correctly with a particular PC and target board.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Discover Server and Application Network Dependencies Icon
    Discover Server and Application Network Dependencies Icon

    Discover and troubleshoot application dependencies to determine if it’s an application or network problem with SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor

    Server and Application Monitor helps you discover application dependencies to help identify relationships between application servers. Drill into those connections to view the associated network performance such as latency and packet loss, and application process resource utilization metrics such as CPU and memory usage. Determine if process utilization or network performance is affecting the application and end-user performance.
  • Memory Leak Detection For Mac C++Program

    A light-weight tool to detect the memory leak in C++ Program under Mac environment. It will trace the memory allocation stack and print it out when your program exit.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • debug_mutex

    c/c++ debug-mutex library

    A cross-platform implementation of a mutex, that automatically checks for everything, you might be doing wrong: - DeadLocks - Invalid mutex leave order - Thread Shutdown, while still holding mutex locks - Destroying a locked mutex - (Un)Locking a destroyed mutex - UnLocking an unlocked mutex - UnLocking an mutex locked by another thread - Locking a non-recursive, locked mutex - Not destroying all mutexes before application termination Every abnormal produces a console output with file and line information about were it is located and why it happened. The main purpose of debug_mutex is the detection of deadlocks and outputting useful information, to fix it, by telling you exactly, where the recursion happened. Debug_mutex can easily be disabled and simply used as a cross-platform mutex Library Debug_mutex can be linked statically or externally

    Downloads: 1 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • SMIS MRI console simulator

    This is a simulator for the SMIS research MRI consoles. It executes compiled pulse sequences, and emulates the MR3040/50, MR3031, and RF cards. If you have an SMIS scanner, you will find this a useful pulse sequence development aid.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Synthesis

    Synthesis is a RAD tool and C++ IDE (like VB or BCB). It eases the creation of Win32 programing though visual programming and class wizards. Using opensource framework and minGW Synthesis provides a extendable and powerful development environment.

  • checkbashisms

    Performs basic checks on shell scripts for the presence of non portable syntax.

    Downloads: 8 This Week Last Update: See Project
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    Still writing down passwords? Or rotating between a handful that you can remember? Not safe! Get Dashlane, It’s FREE!

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  • RS-232 Data Logger Icon

    RS-232 Data Logger

    Allows you to redirect all communication data from RS232 compliant serial port device into a text file for further analysis. RS232 Data Logger redirects data from any available serial port/ports and works under Virtual Machine.

  • Virtual T Icon

    Virtual T

    Virtual T is a TRS-80 Model 100/102/200 emulator that runs on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh. The goal of Virtual T is to provide 100% hardware emulation so any existing programs will run. It also adds powerful development and debugging tools.

  • ADO.Net DB Connection Visualizer

    This is a debugger visualizer add-on for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. It gives you a quick way to run a SQL statement against a database connection and view the results in a grid while debugging your code.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • HP49g+ Calculator Emulator

    Emulator of the newer Hewlett Packard Handheld Calculator Models with ARM CPU (HP49g+ HP50).

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • ClrDbg

    Tool for opening dmp files for .NET applications.

    ClrDbg can open a dmp file, or connect to a running process, and display information about the objects on the heap and their class information (such as field definitions and method signatures), threads and their call stacks. ClrDbg uses the Microsoft.Diagnostics.Runtime.dll (ClrMD). The user-interface allows the user to drill-down by clicking on hyperlinks in a grid view.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • DDD - Data Display Debugger

    DDD is a graphical front-end for command-line debuggers such as GDB, DBX, WDB, Ladebug, JDB, XDB, the Perl debugger, the bash debugger, or the Python debugger. DDD displays data structures as graphs and plots.

  • Hardware Memory Checker

    Hardware Memory Checker

    This is a memory checker utility that provides memory allocation and release functionality. It uses the memory paging system to allocate a guard page after each page of memory to provide a hardware boundary that can detect memory overflows. This allows for immediate detection of buffer overflow error conditions. There are many other memory checker programs in existence - why do we need another? This Hardware Memory Checker provides a combination of features not found in other memory checkers. - it uses the hardware paging system for immediate error detection (most other memory checkers look for modified memory in no mans land) - it is very fast compared to other hardware memory checkers because it makes fewer changes to the paging tables - it can track the original release location when debugging duplicate free problems - it is designed for large scale integration with the ability to call user defined fail functions

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Eclipse UML Debugger

    A plug-in for Eclipse that allows users to debug programs using UML models in order to detect regions of divergence between the model and the program.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • PE objdump Icon

    PE objdump

    Tool to find symbols in windows Library or Executable

    It reads windows Portable Executable file format. DLL & EXE . Coming up with support for name de-mangling Portable Tested on Linux/ SunOS/ Windows - VS10 / Mac You might also want to check

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Process Stat Monitor

    System monitoring utility, written in plain C. Allows application execution and performance monitoring, saving results into XML files. Monitors CPU, memory, network and disk usage on a per-application or per-system basis.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • JHeap

    JHeap provides the toolset to help Java developers discover and fix the root cause of memory issues in their applications. JHeap integrates easily with your application server and has been designed to be used in production environments with low overhead.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Flash Debugger

    Logging flash stack trace

    Flash Debugger, allows to log flash functions calling, catch errors with stack trace, calculate function calls & work time.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • RevLab

    RevLab is a reverse engineering environment to viewing, disassembly and debugging software and embedded firmware.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • msp430fetinfo Icon


    MSP430 USB-Debug-Interface MSP-FET430UIF Firmware Information

    A command line tool for getting information from a MSP-FET430UIF debug probe and connected MSP430-devices. Uses "msp430.dll" from (Sourceforge project icon from the Open Icon Library). Also checkout the MSP430fetinfo Android app here:

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Dolwin - Nintendo Gamecube Emulator

    Dolwin - Nintendo Gamecube Emulator for Windows

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