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Enterprise Software

  • Any Platform Anywhere: The Best Workflow Software Any Platform Anywhere: The Best Workflow Software Icon
    Any Platform Anywhere: The Best Workflow Software Icon

    Empower employees to improve their productivity with nocode process automation tools.

    Most people intuitively understand how workflows can streamline and speed up their business processes, integrate systems and route content to the right people. While every business has different needs, requirements and goals, workflow automation can help everyone. Whether you’re a company of 500 or 5,000, based in the cloud or on-premises, workflow automation can help maximize the efficiency of your business processes.
  • 2018 Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Tech Leaders 2018 Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Tech Leaders Icon
    2018 Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Tech Leaders Icon

    See how tech-sector leadership is being redefined in today’s complex business environment.

    21st century technology-sector leadership requires not only optimal financial performance but also attention to many other factors, including management and investor confidence, risk and resilience, legal compliance, innovation, environmental impact, social responsibility, and reputation. Successfully managing these areas may determine which tech companies have the fortitude to succeed in the future. Here’s to those that made the list.
    Who are today’s top global tech leaders?
    Read the report
  • freehealth Icon


    Free and open source Electronic Health Record

    What is FreeHealth EHR? A free and open source electronic health record Who can benefit from FreeHealth EHR? healthcare centers hospitals clinics medical doctors nurses physiotherapists allied health professionals FreeHealth EHR is coded in C++ / Qt5. Supported OS: * GNU/Linux: Debian, Ubuntu * Mac OS: 10.9 Mavericks (64 bit), 10.10 Yosemite, 10.11 El Capitan * Windows: Windows 7 (32 bit & 64 bit), Windows 8, Windows 10 What languages are available? * English: 100% * French: 100% * German: 75% FreeHealth EHR can be easily translated to your language. Can I make a donation? Yes! Go to our Donation page: https://freehealth.io/en/donate Your money will speed up the development process FreeHealth EHR is a fork of FreeMedForms EMR[2] [1]: copyright © 2016 Jerome Pinguet [2]: Copyright (C) 2008-2015 by Eric MAEKER

    Downloads: 4 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Idealtake Icon


    Search engine using MySql and VB .NET

    This software was designed to simplify your research on personal or business documents, it is akin to a search engine. You can imagine databases on different topics, Photo Album, personal documents, catalog of a company and many others. The initial project has begun in June 2006, i developped this application for the company where i work in GPL licence. This software was used internally by employees and by their clients. This project was used until the end of 2009. The initial project was called "LA SCHEM@TECH" and was used to search pdf documents : electrical diagram , synoptic. I began to refound it completely and add new features in a proroject called "IDEALTAKE" in october 2007. The first usable version come in July 2012. Installation files are made for windows XP( Version 1.4), windows seven, 8 and 10 use version 1.5. Two databases of demo are available in the newest version 1.5 with a local MariaDB server.

  • BMC MainView Network View Based API

    A open source API that allows access to the internal data elements generated by the BMC Software MainView monitoring products from any computer with a TCP/IP stack.

  • Jahia Digital Experience Manager Icon

    Jahia Digital Experience Manager

    Open-Source Digital Experience Management Platform for Enterprises

    Jahia is a leading provider of a customizable Digital Experience Management platform that aggregates apps, data and content and breaks down organizational silos to innovate the digital customer experience to gain digital agility now and sustainable competitive advantage with one-to-one customer relationships. Jahia is the only Enterprise Content Management System that combines the modularity of PHP frameworks with the strength of the most solid Java Open Source standards. It features integrated Portal, Web publishing and content management, Document management, collaboration and multi-channel publishing as well as compatibility with all major IT infrastructure. Jahia Community Forum: http://www.jahia.com/cms/home/community/forum.html

  • Sparx' EA - MDG for TRAK  Icon

    Sparx' EA - MDG for TRAK

    MDG for Sparx' Enterprise Architect to Create TRAK arch. descriptions

    Custom add-in (MDG technology) for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect UML modelling tool to create architecture descriptions using TRAK http://sf.net/projects/trak Provides: - the set of TRAK views that can be represented using UML. Each view display a custom toolbox palette with the objects and relationships that are needed for that TRAK view - relationships can be made directly from the objects on a view using the Quicklink feature which presents the allowed relationship(s) by TRAK between the pair of objects selected - a custom set of searches. When run these will list objects of a particular type (e.g. all Systems, all Enterprise Goals), potential quality problems (e.g. diagrams and objects without any description, objects not linked to any other), things of interest (e.g. open, closed concerns) and view-like results e.g. all structural relationships in the solution - scripts to generate views - model views to list objects meeting search criteria

  • WhatsUp® Gold - Start A Free 30-Day Trial WhatsUp® Gold - Start A Free 30-Day Trial Icon
    WhatsUp® Gold - Start A Free 30-Day Trial Icon

    All-in-one monitoring of your entire infrastructure with the industry's most user friendly pricing. Free trial of our award-winning software

    If you are like the rest of our user community, your IT team is busy. With pressure to deliver on-time projects, you don’t have a lot of time to spend making your management tools work. You need network monitoring tools that work for you. You want tools that makes it easy to find performance issues before your users do and resolve them before they impact the business. That’s why tens of thousands of customers around the world love WhatsUp Gold.
    How many devices do you monitor on your company's network?
    One last question before you visit our site:

    When do you plan to purchase a network performance monitoring solution?
  • Application to book for a meeting

    Manage bookings for meetings with prospects

    This is a simple web application to manage meetings with prospects. Each of your sales persons must have an account to login. Once logged, (s)he may define calendars, time slots, prospects, and send invitations for a meeting. Prospects can book one (or more, if allowed) of the time slots - and there is a warning if they try to book 2 overlapping time slots (e.g. to meet with 2 different sales persons at the same time). A prospect may also cancel his/her bookings. Your sales persons may define different templates for the notification e-mails (invitation, booking confirmation, cancellation confirmation), but only one template for each of the 3 types may be active at a time.

    Downloads: 3 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Avaya Agent Status Notification Light

    Agent Status Notification Light for Avaya

    AgentLight is software for agent status notification for Avaya contact center. The software integrated with a USB lighting device and showing the agent status by turning on or flashing the device with different color. For example, the software can be configured to show agent idle with green color and on call with red color.

    Downloads: 3 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Cloudapp Icon


    CloudApp - Screen Recorder, Capture, GIF Maker, Screenshot Annotations

    CloudApp is a simple, powerful and easy to use video and image sharing tool with native mac and windows apps. Users can quickly capture and embed video, GIFs, screencasts, and marked-up images throughout business workflows (e.g., software development, design, customer success, support, sales, marketing). CloudApp also make is super-quick and easy to share with others, whether you are a freelance designer, web developer, software engineer, customer service professional, or a startup founder. Every file you create is safely and securely stored in the cloud, and instantly accessible via the apps, or shareable on the web through unique, secure, and password-protected cl.ly short links.

    Downloads: 3 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • JUBER Icon


    Cab system

    ZenCherry´s Cab system is a simple Java ServerPages App to receive and manage passengers. It requires Tomcat 7 and PostgreSQL to work. This is a reduced version, for more information you can go to www.zencherry.com.

    Downloads: 3 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Lib Financial Mathematics GCC (C++) Adv Icon

    Lib Financial Mathematics GCC (C++) Adv

    Library Advanced Financial Mathematics GCC (C++)

    Advanced financial library for C ++ language (GCC Compiler) with 65 functionalities for various actions. For more libraries, go to: http://www.manzanosoftware.vai.la To know my curriculum vitae, go to: http://buscacv.cnpq.br/buscacv/#/espelho?nro_id_cnpq_cp_s=8184615061457853 Augusto Manzano

    Downloads: 3 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Quiosco Icon


    Software de gestión para pequeños comercios

    Software de gestión para pequeños comercios.

    Downloads: 3 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Vic (Versatile Information Client) Icon

    Vic (Versatile Information Client)

    Vic is a desktop client that connects to the Alfresco ECMS.

    The multiplatform desktop client can connect to any CMIS compatible data repository, but has been designed to work best with Alfresco to provide a familiar "explorer" look and feel for users. Vic will check-out a document to the local workstation, open it for editing and then manage the check-in process for the user. As well as dragging and dropping files to/from the repository, it can also upload emails. The development framework is extensible and it will be possible to add other data sources. Tested against Alfresco Community versions 4.0 and 4.2 NOTE: Vic is not compatible with versions of Alfresco prior to 4.0

    Downloads: 3 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • eBag Icon


    Company administration manager

    eBag is software project focused on company (factory) administration via PHP+MySQL solutions, on the local network, using browsers as terminals to access the company database. The server solution provides platform independence and collaborative work. PHP offers flexibility and the ability to change (or upgrade) the source code to personal needs, and MySQL innoDB provides transactional safe, recoverable tables. Using language files provides easy and quick translation to any language, and MVC with a CSS customizable user interface.

    Downloads: 3 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • iDempiere KSYS

    iDempiere Distribution by KSYS

    Kylin Business Suite is an Enterprise-Class iDempiere Distribution derived from sources freely provided to the public by iDempiere Community. Kylin Business Suite conforms fully with the upstream community's redistribution policy and aims to be 100% binary compatible. Kylin Business Suite is free and open source. Kylin Business Suite is developed by a small but growing team of core developers. In turn the core developers are supported by an active user community, and sponsored by KSYS.

    Downloads: 3 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • phpMyOLAP Icon


    OLAP tool for PHP-MySQL systems.

    OLAP application in PHP for MySQL databases. No java-based web service needed. No MDX language to use. Download FooodMart Database for MySQL http://pentaho.dlpage.phi-integration.com/mondrian/mysql-foodmart-database On line demo and information at http://phpmyolap.altervista.org/

  • DashBo↗v Icon


    Bovespa Analytics

    BI/Analytics tool for reading official brazilian market data freely provided by Bacen (Central Bank of Brazil - http://www.bcb.gov.br/?ENGLISH), CVM (Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil - http://www.cvm.gov.br/subportal_ingles/index.html), BM&FBOVESPA (Brazilian Securities, Commodities and Futures Exchange - http://www.bmfbovespa.com.br/en_us/index.htm). Mirrored screen: left-to-right or right-to-left orientation according to the chosen language. Easy to translate: just add a column to the translations spreadsheet (./lib/Negocio.jar/net/sourceforge/dashbov/negocio/Traducoes.xlsx); the new language option will be automatically shown at the "Settings > Language" menu. Open source alternative to Economatica, ProfitChart, MetaStock. Powered by Oracle, NetBeans, Apache POI, Apache Axis, Apache Commons Compress, Apache PDFBox, JFreeChart, JTattoo, JDatePicker, MyBatis, FamFamFam, IzPack.

  • TRAK Metamodel Icon

    TRAK Metamodel

    Tuples (triples) for TRAK enterprise architecture viewpoints and views

    The definition of the metamodel for TRAK (defines allowed AD elements and relationships i.e. tuples/ triples for the TRAK viewpoints and views). TRAK is a general systems-thinkers'/system engineering enterprise architecture framework. It is simple, user-friendly, pragmatic and not limited to IT.


    APEX2EBS is a framework to integrate Oracle Application Express (APEX) and Oracle EBS 11i or R12. Developers can quickly create professional web-based applications in APEX which interacts with Oracle EBS with equal level of access controls.

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Asterisk CDR import

    Simple web interface for mapping CDR from VoIP provider to Asterisk

    This is a simple tool to map information for the cost of phone calls given by your VoIP provider, to the call log inside your Asterisk. As a result, you will know how much each of your employees has spent for phone calls. Additionally, this tool shows information about the assigned DID and CLIP numbers in Asterisk. This is helpful to identify obsolete, duplicate and multiple assignments.

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Avaya BCMS Real Time Interfaces

    The bcmsSVR can access real time and historical reports from Avaya CM

    The bcmsSVR is similar to clintSVR, it is a gateway program for the access of real time and historical reports from Avaya CM. It retrieves these reports directly from Avaya CM and provides API(s) and other kind of interfaces for application development and integration. The bcmsSVR retrieves BCMS reports at an interval that specified by you, it stores the real time and historical data in database, Splunk and memory which enables multiple programs access via REST query API, OCX and C/C++ DLL interfaces.

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Call Center Auto Greeting Server

    Performs auto greeting function for call center agents

    Using TSAPI library, the auto greeting server barge in an asterisk extension which then plays a greeting message for an agent. The integration work enables auto greeting function for a call center.

  • Call Generator for Avaya

    Bulk call generator for Avaya

    This program makes bulk calls for Avaya platform testing. It is used in load test of IVR application and agent CTI application.

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Compiere ERP-CRM on Oracle XE

    ComXe project has several aims: 01) Simplify development process of Compiere ERP-CRM system. 02) Integration between ERP and external systems.

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • DVenta Icon


    Crea tus folios de venta en pdf

    Sistema administrativo de ventas para pequeñas y medianas empresas , facil de usar , guarda tus folios en Pdf , esta version contiene publicidad de Dventa , asi como de sus patrocinadores . Y sirve para fines de demostracion del sistema completo.

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • EisenVault Alfresco Outlook Plugin Icon

    EisenVault Alfresco Outlook Plugin

    Outlook Plugin for storing emails to Alfresco

    Microsoft Outlook Plugin for Alfresco 5.2 from EisenVault Document Management (https://eisenvault.com). This allows one-way communication - i.e. saving of emails and attachments from Outlook to Alfresco. It has been tested with Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016 on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. It is compatible with Alfresco Community 5.2 DMS as it uses the 5.2 REST APIs. It doesn't work with older versions of Alfresco DMS. You can either download installer binaries, or download the source code and compile with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015. Code is in C#. Released under GNU LGPLv3. Please write to us at contact@eisenvault.com with any questions or comments. Visit us at https://www.eisenvault.com Note: This only works with trusted SSL Certificates (not self signed ones) and this does not work with Alfresco Cloud (my.alfresco.com).

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project

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