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477 programs for "raspberry pi"

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  • MINIBIAN image for Raspberry Pi

    MINIBIAN is a MINImal RaspBIAN-based Linux image for Raspberry Pi

    The main focus is to have a small, updated and stable distribution that is fully compatible with official Raspbian image, without GUI and unneeded tools. So this image is perfect for embedded projects, or wherever you need to use all RPi resources for your specific tasks. The main advantage is that MINIBIAN has a very small footprint, boots in some seconds and uses just few of precious RPi RAM. Unlike other similar projects, MINIBIAN has not been obtained purging unneeded packages from...

  • raspberry-gpio-python

    A Python module to control the GPIO on a Raspberry Pi

    To get started with RPi.GPIO, it would be worthwhile reading the examples in the project wiki (link above). Note that this module is unsuitable for real-time or timing critical applications. This is because you can not predict when Python will be busy garbage collecting. It also runs under the Linux kernel which is not suitable for real time applications - it is multitasking O/S and another process may be given priority over the CPU, causing jitter in your program. If you are after true...

  • Raspberry Slideshow

    Really simple image and video slideshows with R-Pi

    Raspberry Slideshow is focused on quick-to-set-up image and video slideshows for the Raspberry Pi. Insert a USB key with image/video files or retrieval informations from the network and boot: the system will display a slideshow of them in a full-screen view. Thousands of supporters can count on it!

    Downloads: 121 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • RaspArch for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Icon

    RaspArch for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

    RaspArch :: Run Arch Linux on your Raspberry Pi 3 or Pi 2

    ABOUT RaspArch is a “remaster” of Arch Linux ARM. The original compressed system is of 231 MB. After I have added the LXDE Desktop environment, Firefox, Yaourt, Pulseaudio and Gimp the system increased a lot. RaspArch is a “ready-to-go” ARM system. It can only run on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model 3, Pi 3 Model B+ or Raspberry Pi 2 Model B computer. INSTALLATION Use Win32 Disk Imager in Windows. MORE about RaspArch When you have installed RaspArch to your Micro SD Card you can use the system like...

    Downloads: 115 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Raspberry Pi Emulator Icon

    Raspberry Pi Emulator

    A Raspberry Pi emulator for Mac OS X and Linux

    An automated Raspberry Pi emulator for Mac OS X, Ubuntu, as a well as a few other Linux distributions. This is aimed at simplicity; the disk images are not bundled with, and will be downloaded automatically upon launch. Additional information available in the README file, https://sourceforge.net/projects/raspberrypiemulator/files (scroll down) A newer version is available for mac at https://snorfi.us/raspiemu, which supports the Raspberry Pi 2, multiple instances, as well as CLI and GUI...

    Downloads: 75 This Week Last Update: See Project
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  • Raspberry PI Garage Door Closer

    Raspberry Pi base Garage Door Monitor and Automated Closer

    Raspberry Pi base Garage Door Monitor and Automated Closer. With connected camera, and infrared sensor it can take movies, pictures, and send notification emails about events.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Raspberry Digital Signage

    Digital signage for the Raspberry Pi (all models)

    Raspberry Digital Signage is an operating system designed for digital signage installations on the Raspberry Pi: it displays a full-screen browser view restricted to the resource specified. It shows web pages from an Internet, local area network or internal (SD-card-contained) resource; there is no way to escape this view but rebooting the machine. It is a hacker-proof secure operating systems for indoor and outdoor use. It features wired/wireless networking, proxy, on-screen keyboard...

    Downloads: 162 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Raspberry Pi Relay Controller

    Raspberry pi Python relay code

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Raspberry Pi Snippets

    Raspberry Pi Code Snippets

    Raspberry Pi - ARM11-Linux-Rechner für weniger als 35 € lädt zum Experimentieren ein Hier sind eine Reihe von Raspberry Pi Code Snippets zusammengestellt, die aus der Beschäftigung mit dem Raspberry Pi enstanden bzw. von bestehender SW abgeleitet wurden.

  • ArchLinux for Raspberry Pi 2 & 3 Icon

    ArchLinux for Raspberry Pi 2 & 3

    An ArchLinux SD image for the Raspberry Pi 2 &3

    This is a SD card image suitable for imaging direct to SD card using Win32DiskImager under windows. ArchLinux stopped producing ready made SD images for the Raspberry Pi, but still provide an up to date downloadable tarball of the root file structure at: http://archlinuxarm.org/platforms/armv7/broadcom/raspberry-pi-2 There you can also find intructions on how to create an archlinux SD card from a linux system. The image provided here is created by those instructions, and not altered in any...

    Downloads: 73 This Week Last Update: See Project
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  • pi-qemu-wine Icon


    Image preconfigured to run x86 windows apps

    Raspbian Stretch with Qemu-x86 and Wine setup - kernel compiled for 3G/1G (std is 2/2) - chroot of x86 raspbian - wine installed for windows compatibility This Raspberry Pi image enables you to run x86 Linux and Windows applications on a Raspberry Pi (all models inc pi3) Usage: double click in the wine-user icon type: wine ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/notepad.exe - 04/03/2018 - updated to Raspbian Stretch - fixed issue with incorrect kernel NOTE: don't get too excited -performance...

  • Raspberry WebKiosk

    The cheapest web kiosks' operating system

    WEB KIOSK (SECURE UNRESTRICTED BROWSING) FOR THE RASPBERRY PI Raspberry WebKiosk is designed for the cheapest possible web kiosks and multi-user web workstations deployments - use in cafès, offices, schools, hotels, hospitals, libraries and so on. It's a port of the powerful Instant WebKoisk/UB OS for PCs. It is a browser-only hacker-proof operating system for Internet browsing purposes, which fully protects users' privacy. After every reboot, the browser will be kept back to the default...

    Downloads: 75 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • pi-hc

    Raspberry Pi Home Control

    Home Control System based on custom hardware controlled by a Raspberry Pi

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • pi workstation

    Raspberry PI distro based on raspbian it has LXDE as desktop, tweaked settings for a smoother experience.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Raspbian-wheezy-pi Icon


    Raspbian wheezy compatible with pi zero & pi3

    Raspbian wheezy compatible with Pi Zero & Pi 3 This is just an untouched image from: https://downloads.raspberrypi.org/raspbian/images/raspbian-2015-05-07/ updated with: sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get update so that it will boot on the Pi Zero and Pi 3 Requires 4GB SD card minimum. Login: pi / raspberry use "sudo raspi-config" if you want to set it to auto login to desktop....

  • Raspberry Pi I2C in Ada

    Allows Ada code to drive I2C devices on the Raspberry Pi

    The project enables Ada code to drive devices attached to the Raspberry Pi via the I2C bus. The first supported device is the MCP23017 I/O multiplexer. The code is released under GPL V3 with the GCC Runtime Library Exception, version 3.1.

  • nodes-pi

    nodes-pi : use your cluster for usual tasks

    If you are the happy owner of a raspberry pi, you surely seen that it is relatively powerful, but if you open many of your favourite applications (openoffice, lyx, jupyter notebook, an instance of your favourite web browser etc.- I call them usual tasks): your raspberry pi looses its strength. In this project I would like to show how to use a small cluster of raspberry pi that solves this problem. First search the less load average node, then launch the application on it, then using X11...

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Raspberry ownCloud

    A plug-and-play solution for your personal data cloud (owncloud 9.1.1)

    A complete, plug-and-play solution for your personal data cloud, a Raspberry Pi-powered ownCloud installation. Useful for owning your cloud storage or automatically backing up Dropbox or Google Drive data to an external USB hard drive (the latter use simply requires you to select the Dropbox/Gdrive folder as the ownCloud sync-folder).

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Raspberry PI 32Gb SDHC image

    Raspbian Linux OS image for 32Gb SDCH cards

    Bigger OS for tiny device. This is the same as the "official" Raspbian OS but with pre-configured ~30Gb partition mounted to root directory and ~1.5Gb swap partition. The /boot partition is mounted read-only by default for security reasons. Boots to console by default, so if you like to use desktop, you must set the initial runlevel to 5 or "sudo init 5" from console. As usual, the built-in "pi" uers's password is raspberry. Use "sudo passwd root" to set root user's password.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • raspberry piplates classes

    Raspberry PI Plate Boards Class Using QT

    Provides Classes to talk to raspberry piplate boards, using QT 5.X. This provides support for piplate's RELAY and DAQC2 boards,

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Raspberry Pi - amateur radio APRS iGate

    This is the Raspberry Pi image to build an amateur radio APRS RX only iGate. For more details please see http://qso365.co.uk/?p=5248 MD5 of aprs-igate-stretch.zip is f8469173f3e3d9c420dbaefaff7d9875 MD5 of aprs-igate-stretch.img is 22998d62e7dd1b3f270834f6bfd5f089 If you experience problems decompressing this archive image, please use a third party utility such as WinRAR or 7-Zip

    Downloads: 55 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Elastix-for-Raspberry

    This is actually a manipulated uelastix (popular VoIP package based on asterisk) which works with Raspberry Pi 1, 2, and 3

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • FedBerry Icon


    FedBerry is a Fedora Remix for Raspberry Pi® 2/3 computers

    FedBerry is a Fedora Remix specifically built for use with Raspberry Pi® 2/3 Model B computers. The major differences between Fedora arm releases as compared to FedBerry releases are: • The use of our own custom kernels (using the Raspberry Pi foundation's bcm2709 kernel port). • The use of Raspberry Pi foundation's own bootloader (ie. we don't use uboot). • The use of swap files in lieu of swap partitions. • tmpfs is enabled but size limited to 100M. • The root partition is automatically...

  • PINN

    PINN is an enhancement of NOOBS

    PINN is an enhancement of NOOBS for the Raspberry Pi. It also permits installation of Arch Linux, OpenElec and Retropie through the familiar NOOBS-like interface.

  • LEMP Raspberry Pi 2

    Turn your Raspberry Pi 2 into a Nginx HTTP server.

    To do: – Update my.cnf for RPi2 (1G of memory) and enable InnoDB by default. – Fix broken PHP modules. (gd, imap and mcrypt) Changelog: 09-16-2015 – Fixed sshd root access and enabled autostart of sshd on boot. 09-12-2015 – Tested image on 3 different Raspberry Pi 2 boards. 09-10-2015 – Performed pacman -Syu 09-10-2015 – Updated to work with Raspberry Pi 2 (Arm7) Known Bugs: – When using the wifi-menu command to connect to the internet instead of a network cable. There’s the following output...

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
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