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34 programs for "partition recovery"

  • Delphi 10.2 Tokyo Starter Icon
    Delphi 10.2 Tokyo Starter Icon

    Curious about why Delphi's robust language and easy visual design make it a no-brainer for real-world applications?

    Delphi Starter Edition is streamlined IDE with code editor, integrated debugger, two-way visual designer and hundreds of visual components. Get started today with our FREE development tool -- no credit card or commitment required.
  • 2018 Network Intelligence Planning Guide Icon
    2018 Network Intelligence Planning Guide Icon

    Get insights on net neutrality, cloud readiness, security and WAN transformation.

    Networking is becoming cloudier, hybrid and more Internet-centric. IT managers now own user experience, whether they own the networks or not. Get our latest ebook to learn how network intelligence will help you adapt to a quickly changing Internet-centric environment.
    Are you involved with your company's network performance/operations team?
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  • Android Tools Icon

    Android Tools

    Android Tools is powerfull Software for your Android Phone.

    Android Tools is one such program helping you manage your phone, with the range of its abilities being quite wide and including anything from ADB commands to Fastboot and others. Requirements : - .NET Framework 4.6.2 - ADB USB Driver - Java RE 7/8 - Java JDK (Optional) - Make sure USB Debugging is activated in Developer Mode What's new on - ROM Dumper: It helps you to dump your partition into a flashable image file that you can use to re-flashing your device using fastboot. (Rooted...

  • Partclone Icon


    Partclone is a project like the well-known backup utility "Partition Image" a.k.a partimage. Partclone provide utilities to back up used blocks and design for higher compatibility of the file system using supported library like e2fslibs.

  • AIO Boot Icon

    AIO Boot

    AIO Boot is a tool that can help you create a bootable USB with Grub2,

    AIO Boot is a tool that can help you create a bootable USB with Grub2, Grub4dos, Syslinux, Clover and rEFInd. AIO Boot can boot Windows and most Linux distributions and boot via LAN using Tiny PXE Server. AIO Boot is constructed from a variety of sources, certainly still a lot of flaws, eager for sympathy. I would love to hear from you so that I can improve this tool better.

    Downloads: 250 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • ddrutility Icon


    LINUX based utility for use with gnuddrescue to aid with data recovery

    Ddrutility is meant to be a compliment to gnuddrescue. It is a LINUX based set of utilities to help with hard drive data rescue. If you like it, please feel free to use the Donations tab above :) version 2.8 released November 23, 2016 * No longer uses automake * Uses regular make file * No program changes were made Please see the Files page or the readme.txt file for the full version changes (scroll down to the “NEWS” section). Please see the Wiki or the help files for full...

  • Windows Data Recovery Software

    Windows Data Recovery Software to Recover Data from FAT & NTFS drives

    This Windows Data Recovery Software is a one stop solution for any type of data corruption and can recover & restore users corrupt or inaccessible data with ease. Whether your important Windows files are infected by computer virus or you are facing any corruption error or your files seem inaccessible? Whatever your problem is this Windows Data Recovery Tool is one of the best application to help you out. With a competitive design and a high end algorithm this Windows recovery tool can recover...

  • Identify and respond to threats before damage is done Icon
    Identify and respond to threats before damage is done Icon

    A SIEM that makes it easy to use logs for security, compliance, and troubleshooting.

    SolarWinds® Log & Event Manager (LEM) delivers comprehensive Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) capabilities in a highly affordable, easy-to-use, and quick-to-deploy virtual appliance. LEM provides the visibility, security, and control that IT professionals need to alert on and respond to security threats, and assist in meeting the regulatory compliance guidelines of HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX, and more. Try it FREE for 30 days!
  • PRM-DUL-Oracle Icon


    dul data unloader ,recover corrupted oracle database,undrop,untruncate

    PRM-DUL is an Oracle Data Unloader. Currently the Oracle tool DUL is the only tool that can unload data from an Oracle DB when it's down or corrupted. PRM-DUL(data unloader) is designed for Enterprise Database Recovery, which includes all Oracle DUL data recovery functionalities, and also easy-to-use GUI.PRM almost can recovery Oracle database on all operating system, including: Linux (RedHat, Centos, Oracle Linux, Suse),AIX, Solaris, HPUX, Windows 2003 Server/XP/2000/NT。 PRM Support Oracle...

    Downloads: 15 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Ransomware Recovery Tool

    Why pay Ransom when you have Ransomware Recovery Tool for decryption

    Ransomware Recovery Tool is one of the most proficient and effective recovery tool to recover files infected by Ransowmware and other viruses. When a virus like Trojan, Melissa, I Love You, Code Red, Zeus or any other types of virus like Wannacry Ransomware enters into your system,it encrypts your files and make it inaccessible due to which it is very hard for a user to use those files. In recent times, Wannacry Ransomware attack is the most recent one and trust me it created havoc...

    Downloads: 3 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • cpos-recovery

    cpos makes a bootable backup copy of the currently mounted root partition, or a tar file copy of the root partition, to another partition defined in the configuration file. This allows the user to make quick periodic recoverable backups.

    Downloads: 1 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Metztli Reiser4 Icon

    Metztli Reiser4

    Reiser4 ZSTD compression Debian Stretch minimal install media ISO/USB

    Modified Debian minimal netboot installation ISO image suitable to be 'burned' onto ~55 MB CD||USB media with the command(assuming USB device is at /dev/sdb, *else* modify or you risk data loss) at Linux shell: dd if=metztli-reiser4.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=4M; sync Enables native reiser4 create, partition, & format of disks during the Debian operating system installation--which is accomplished via Internet. ~150MB /boot Ext2 partition is required as GRUB can not read reiser4 root-fs...

    Downloads: 6 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Gentoo quickstart Icon

    Gentoo quickstart

    An archive of the basic files used for the installatioin of Gentoo.

    This Initiative is intended to help novice users study the system by making it easier to install and saving compile time. A Stage tarball is an archive of the basic files used for the installation of Gentoo Linux. A stage4 archive is an image of your entire root partition. The primary reason to create a stage4 archive is to provide for quick recovery in the event of disk failure. A stage4 archive is the same as a stage3, only you can select the CFLAGS you want to use and what other software...

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • ManageEngine Now Lets You Patch Computers From Cloud Icon
    ManageEngine Now Lets You Patch Computers From Cloud Icon

    ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus offers patching capabilities on cloud - Patch all OS updates and 550 third party apps on-demand and stay secure!

    Last year saw the hackers unleash their expertise in skills for a ransom - targeting those unpatched computers in data-critical institutions. Only if the computers were patched on time, billions of dollars could have been saved. ManageEngine’s Patch Manager Plus comes to your rescue, offering you an automated patching solution, now on cloud, for latest hotfixes of Windows updates and a wide range of third-party applications (over 550 of them).
    Automate patching with Patch Manager Plus, sit back & relax!
    Try FREE Trial
  • StarLinux P/B Edition

    A Live-CD of a Partition Manager and Bootloader Recovery Program.

    StarLinux P/B/ Edition is a Live-CD of Ubuntu LTS that is made for partition editing and GRUB/Syslinux (Maybe) recovery to boot into a corrupted bootloader. The edition of StarLinux will have all drivers from Ubuntu and run on a Fluxbox or IceWM Window Manager. It will be 32-bit AND maybe PowerPC so it can support all systems, 32bit or not. This is only a side project that won't get as much attention as StarLinux, but thanks to Ubuntu's constant updates, I don't know how the update manager...

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Previous Version File Recoverer Icon

    Previous Version File Recoverer

    Easily recover previous versions of files in Windows Vista, 7 and 8.

    ... the feature has been deprecated. The tab is not available except by accessing the computer as if it were over a network. However Previous Version File Recoverer still works, as does an alternative piece of freeware named Shadow Explorer. This version fixes a major flaw which prevented the recovery of files other than those saved on the operating system partition. This program was previously known as Vista Previous Version File Recoverer and Windows Previous Version Recoverer.

  • Redo Backup and Recovery Icon

    Redo Backup and Recovery

    Easy rescue system with GUI tools for full system backup, bare metal recovery, partition editing, recovering deleted files, data protection, web browsing, and more. Uses partclone (like Clonezilla) with a UI like Ghost or Acronis. Runs from CD/USB.

  • DonLinux  Icon


    LIve CD/SO de reparación en castellano e inglés

    DonLinux Live CD 1.2 Repair, backup, security audit and analysis of Linux OS, Windows DonLinux Live CD - i386 and x86_64 architecture with Nucleo 3.13.0-35-generic and lightweight LXDE desktop is an operating system based on Lubuntu 14.04 Trusty, with some modifications to be oriented as a Live CD repair tool hard drives Linux-Windows operating systems, partitions, mrb, grub, partition tables, file recovery, security audit, backup, safe browsing, etc ... in Spanish, and also installable...

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • MiniTool Partition Wizard 8.1.1

    Free Partition Magic alternative, partition manager freeware, partitio

    ..., Format partition, Convert partition, Explore partition, Hide partition, Change drive letter, Set active partition, Partition Recovery. MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition is designated for home user only, to use MiniTool Partition Wizard in a business environment, MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition is required.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • VMware VMDK Recovery via Accurate Result

    Use Professional VMware Recovery Software to Perfect VMDK Recovery

    ... files/folders or partition recovery. Means user those are in need to perform undelete deleted VMDK file can also use this superb application without any doubt. Software is packed with distinct tech benefits for letting the users to accomplish the task of recovering VMware VMDK files without hampering the working through any king of damage. By using the “Search Virtual Machines” option, it is possible to regain data of VMDK file from unknown VMs (Virtual Machine).

    Downloads: 8 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • LParted Icon


    Free complete partition tools collection

    Free recovery, partitioning, benchmarking, erasing solution. Clone of Parted Magic. Contains all tools from PM and much more. Based on Ubuntu with LXDE WM and working apt system. Everything UNDER 700mb.

  • iRecover - File Recovery Tool

    iRecover was developed to aid forensics investigators by combining other commonly used command-line forensics tools into a simple graphical user interface. iRecover provides a GUI interface using the Perl/Tk programming library for forensics examiners to use when retrieving deleted files from an image/ file partition under forensic investigation. Investigators can use this tool to selectively retrieve only certain kinds of files (text, images, video, audio, documents, etc.) for a quick...

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Ramdisk Injector

    An Android Ramdisk Injection Tool

    Injector is a recovery script that enables you to modify the ramdisk on multiple devices, without having to worry about creating device specific code. The injector will extract the ramdisk for you, and it will write it back to the boot partition once you are done. All you have to do, is create any script that does whatever work you need it to do, place it in the injector.d folder, compress the updater archive and upload.

    Downloads: 10 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • extundelete

    Extundelete is a utility to undelete files from an ext3 or ext4 partition.

  • JRawWriter

    A Windows 'dd' frontend

    This frontend makes it easier (and probably more safe) to use the Windows version of dd (http://www.chrysocome.net/dd) program. User can: * Select the disk device (a partition or a root one) * Put a binary image onto the device * Save a binary image of the selected device to a file * Erase the selected device (fill it with zeroes) Suitable for: * Create a bootable USB disks from an ISO images * Backup disks * Make an ISO image from CD disk * Erase corrupted MBR's which Windows can not handle...

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • FileSystem

    FileSystem is an OPENSOURCE program for advanced disk management with built-in drivers for PATA IDE Hard Disks and DVD/CDROM Drives, USB Mass Storage Drivers. Implemented file systems : FAT32 / ISO9660 / EXT2. It can be compiled for DOS, LINUX, WIN32

  • SXMD Icon


    MultiDistribution with Diagnostics, Recovery, Backup, Cleaning.. tools

    The SXMD (" like Security-X MultiDistribution ") use syslinux, grub4dos and others bootloaders to recover a crashed boot or run many GNU / Linux utilities. The first category is "Antivirus" with editors like Antivir, AVG, Comodo, DrWeb, FSecure, Kaspersky, Panda, VBA ... The second is composed by GNU/Linux's Distro: DSL, CorePlus (+Qemu Starter), Slacko, Slax Custom, Slitaz & XPuD ... After, you can find very good Recovery and Partitioning tools : Redo Backup, Parted Magic, MiniTool Partition...

  • broodROM Configurator Icon

    broodROM Configurator

    broodROM Configurator

    BETA 4 Changelog (https://sourceforge.net/p/brconfigurator/wiki/Changelogs/) broodROM Configurator, the easy way of configurating broodROM. Only compatible with Samsung Galaxy S Plus with broodROM installed. If you don't have broodROM and you want to use broodROM Configurator use the /nocheck parameter

  • Kamal`s Multiboot Cd Icon

    Kamal`s Multiboot Cd

    Kamal`s Multiboot CD is an advanced Multiboot recovery cd that can be used in emergency , to bring the pc back to normal state, it contains a wide range of Recovery tools,Bart Pe,Backup Tools and so many other useful tool. Refer: http://bit.ly/fqhvaV

    Downloads: 6 This Week Last Update: See Project
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