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9 programs for "english to telugu dictionary for windows7"

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  • telugu dictionary zim file Icon

    telugu dictionary zim file

    zim file of telugu-english brown dictionary

    for android: download kiwix app from playstore from this link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.kiwix.kiwixmobile , and open this downloaded file from app. for linux or windows: download kiwix from https://sourceforge.net/projects/kiwix/?source=directory here, and open this downloaded file from kiwix. it hosts sources to create zim file of telugu to english dictionary actually written by telugu pandits with financial help from cp brown who is interested in telugu...

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  • MyServerEditor Icon


    Apache server configuration gui tool PLEASE READ THE DOC BEFORE INSTALLATION. Prerequisites MyServerEditor should run with no problem either in 32 bit or 64 bit os but if you run a 64 bit os you should have java 32 bit installed and this includes Windows and Linux. Windows7 or above. java 8 for windows and java 7 for Linux. Not tested on AMD processors nor mac os. Setting MyserverEditor database Myservereditor data base is the file responsible of compatibility with Apache...

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  • janapadam Icon


    It is a Telugu English dictionary (nighantuvu) , android application

    It is telugu to english offline dictionary android app. based on brown dictionary ehich was written by telugu pandits and financed by brown. it contains so many rare butiful telugu folk words, which we forgot. and so it will be very helpful to any one who want to learn or research telugu. ఇది తెలుగు ఆంగ్ల నిఘంటువు. మన తేనెల తేటల తెలుగులో మరుగుపడిన అందమైన జానపద పదాల కాణాచి.. ఇవి మన పల్లెటూర్లలో మాత్రమే ఇప్పటికీ బహు ప్రాచుర్యమైన అందమైన పదాలు..ప్రతీ పదానికి అర్ధం, ఆంగ్లోచ్చారణ , వివరణలతో కూడింది.

  • janapada-source

    Telugu-English dictionary source file

    There is already a telugu english dictionary apk was created by name janapadam, And this project is for removing all mess and junk from those html files and convert dictionay file to a standard format like babylon. As i cannot found any other telugu to english standard dictionary formats online, i took extra care to make it standard and with less mistakes from my part. But please help in improving it, by any wrong or unintensional mistakes.

    Downloads: 1 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • TuxWordSmith Icon


    TuxWordSmith uses XDXF dictionaries to play in 88 languages

    Similar to the classic word game 'Scrabble', but with unicode support for multiple languages and character sets. The game is currently distributed with eighty-eight (88) dictionary resources for playing Language[i]-Language[j] 'Scrabble'. For example, if configured to use the French-English dictionary, then the distribution of available tiles will be computed based on frequency of occurance of each character of Language[i] (French), and for each submission the corresponding definition...

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  • English to Telugu Dictionary

    An online interface to English-Telugu Dictionary (Reprint of 1853 Edition) by CHARLES PHILIP BROWN, with more than 31000 English words.

  • Telugu English Desktop Dictionary

    Desktop dictionary for telugu english conversions. The desktop dictionary has the following features 1) Telugu to English conversion 2) English to Telugu conversion

  • telugu brown dictionary android app

    android app for telugu to english dictionary

    it is android app for telugu-english brown dictionary,, actually based on kiwix,, which is a zim file reader,, and content here is brown dictionary which is converted to uni code by iiit students,, and some how it is hosted at chicago university,, and license is gpl. so i mirrored that website,, and edited all that html ,, and mate it into word searchable zim file.

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  • english2telugu

    This project is to enhance words available in english to telugu dictionary.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
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