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401 programs for "anonymous"

  • 2018 Network Intelligence Planning Guide Icon
    2018 Network Intelligence Planning Guide Icon

    Get insights on net neutrality, cloud readiness, security and WAN transformation.

    Networking is becoming cloudier, hybrid and more Internet-centric. IT managers now own user experience, whether they own the networks or not. Get our latest ebook to learn how network intelligence will help you adapt to a quickly changing Internet-centric environment.
    Are you involved with your company's network performance/operations team?
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  • Rapid Development Environment like no other! Icon
    Rapid Development Environment like no other! Icon

    89% of Our Customers Reduced Development Cycles Using RAD Studio. Start today a 30-Day trial (no credit card needed).

    RAD Studio™: Build cross-platform apps ridiculously FAST!  The top challenges customers solved with RAD Studio while developing applications include: Creating fast runtime application performance (50%), Keeping up with latest platforms and devices (50%), Meeting project deadlines (37%), Deploying to multiple platforms (36%) and Responsive design for multiple device types (27%).
  • Linux Kodachi3 Icon

    Linux Kodachi3

    Secure open source Linux distribution

    Linux Kodachi operating system is based on Debian 8.6 it will provide you with a secure, anti forensic, and anonymous operating system considering all features that a person who is concerned about privacy would need to have in order to be secure. Kodachi is very easy to use all you have to do is boot it up on your PC via USB drive then you should have a fully running operating system with established VPN connection + Tor Connection established + DNScrypt service running. No setup or Linux...

  • Sn3rpOs_Custom-Kali_v5.18: Sonia Icon

    Sn3rpOs_Custom-Kali_v5.18: Sonia

    TinFoilSec Presents: Sn3rpOs_Custom-Kali (Sonia)

    *Updated 06/16/2018 TinfoilSec Presents: Sn3rpOs Features: There are 2 users; root & tfs (change the passwd 'toor' for both) Now with Veracrypt! The most Anonymity packed into a 4.2G iso ever. Xfce4 Desktop Kali Linux Full Globally Torified with Privoxy & Tor onionscan Tor Browser (Exec in a separate env) Macchanger (hardware mac randomized on boot) Custom Tor Switcher and Pyloris Dnscrypt-Proxy (no logs) Firefox-esr (configured with tor) Thunderbird (configured to use tor) jitsi (socks4-5/...

  • Advanced Persistent Security Icon

    Advanced Persistent Security

    Advanced Persistent Threat Security

    The architecture of the system is integrated by different Fingerprinting mechanisms. The system is designed from a core that avoids the detection of sdhash and Memory analysis Built-in security, allows anonymous browsing by filtering requests external identification, Exit Tor Nodes and using the TOR Fingerprinting structure The system is designed to navigate without being detected or registered by any search engine or online platform denying all types of response to servers, The system...

  • Bytecoin (BCN) Icon

    Bytecoin (BCN)

    Bytecoin is a cryptocurrency based on the unique CryptoNote technology

    Bytecoin (BCN) is a cryptocurrency developed from scratch and based on the unique CryptoNote technology. Bytecoin provides its users with high level of privacy protection and true democratic way of mining. Main features of BCN are: - untraceable and unlinkable transactions, - egalitarian PoW, - analysis resistant blockchain. It's also designed to be easy mined on average PC. BCN brings equality to all miners and users. Bytecoin (BCN) was launched on July 4, 2012.

  • ASProxyWing Icon


    ASProxyWing is a handy, easy to use client / server desktop distributed proxy, which works as a HTTP-tunnel for clients. Provides high secure, easy to integrate proxy servers.

  • An Easy to Use, Open Source, Big Data Solution. Icon
    An Easy to Use, Open Source, Big Data Solution. Icon

    End to end big data that enables you to spend less time formatting data and more time analyzing it.

    Discover HPCC Systems - the truly open source big data solution that allows you to quickly process, analyze and understand large data sets, even data stored in massive, mixed-schema data lakes. Designed by data scientists, HPCC systems is a complete integrated solution from data ingestion and data processing to data delivery. The free online introductory courses and a robust developer community allow you to get started quickly.
  • DRS WIFI Pass Finder Icon

    DRS WIFI Pass Finder

    ... Password Cracker was created by some of the well-know hacking developers and it contain some new features that I think you would love The first one is that the application is free for download. Who doesn't something free, right? The posibility of cracking WEP-Static, WPA-PSK, WPA-PSK2 passwords with same tool is the second cool feature. Direct Connection, Anonymous identity and encrypted connections are other cool features you have to discover! Archive Password: wifi

  • ACME Cross-Assembler

    multi-platform cross assembler for 6502/6510/65816 cpu

    ACME is a free cross assembler released under the GNU GPL. It can produce code for the following processors: 6502, 6510 (including illegal opcodes), 65c02 and 65816. ACME supports the standard assembler stuff like global/local/anonymous labels, offset assembly, conditional assembly and looping assembly. It can include other source files as well as binaries while assembling. Calculations can be done in integer or float mode. Oh, and it is fast.

  • Privacy and Anonymity in the Internet Icon

    Privacy and Anonymity in the Internet

    System for anonymous Web browsing

    Our goal is to develop, implement, evaluate and provide a secure and scaleable technical infrastructure for anonymous communication. This project is supported by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).

  • Bitcoin LITECOIN BCH Payment PHP GATEWAY Icon


    Bitcoin BitcoinCash Litecoin DASH BTC Payment API - PHP Wordpress ASP

    1. GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway PHP/MySQL Class. 2. Official GoUrl.io Bitcoin Payment Gateway Plugin for WordPress. * Pay-Per-Product - sell your products online. * Pay-Per-Download - make money on digital file downloads. * Pay-Per-Membership - easy to use website membership system with bitcoin payments. * Pay-Per-View - offer paid access to your premium content/videos for unregistered visitors, no registration needed, anonymous. Accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Speedcoin, Darkcoin...

  • Anond

    Experiments with anonymous routing

    Anond is a ongoing experiment striving to provide transparent IP-level anonymization using virtual network interfaces, peer-to-peer and overlay network techniques. Anond is an implementation of an anonymous routing protocol with ideas taken from the paper "Anonymous overlay network supporting authenticated routing" by Roman Schlegel and Duncan S. Wong.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • ManageEngine Now Lets You Patch Computers From Cloud Icon
    ManageEngine Now Lets You Patch Computers From Cloud Icon

    ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus offers patching capabilities on cloud - Patch all OS updates and 550 third party apps on-demand and stay secure!

    Last year saw the hackers unleash their expertise in skills for a ransom - targeting those unpatched computers in data-critical institutions. Only if the computers were patched on time, billions of dollars could have been saved. ManageEngine’s Patch Manager Plus comes to your rescue, offering you an automated patching solution, now on cloud, for latest hotfixes of Windows updates and a wide range of third-party applications (over 550 of them).
    Automate patching with Patch Manager Plus, sit back & relax!
    Try FREE Trial
  • WACoins Icon


    coin for communities & beneficence

    WACoins allows you to make safe, anonymous and fast payments: while doing this, the currency increases its value by funding projects proposed by communities of technological or social nature, which you can choose by voting.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Anontools [SERBERUS, madpro] Icon

    Anontools [SERBERUS, madpro]

    Basically anontools was made possible thanks to two teams, madpro, and SERBERUS. Basically anontools, are tools to keep you safe and anonymous online, and when searching the deepweb, this inludes ip scramblers (even DDOS'S)

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Solo Java Sound Player Icon

    Solo Java Sound Player

    SJmp3 - java sound player, support formats: mp1,mp2,mp3,mpga,wav.

    SJmp3 - 100%-pure java, free cross-platform Solo Java sound player. Including m3u playlist editor, id3 tag editor, wav-to-mp3 and mp3-to-wav converter, mp3 splitter by time/size, over 35 skins (Look and Feels). Simple and intuitive graphical User Interface. Up to 7 playlist at the same time. Network stream audio over HTTP/HTTPS/Anonymous FTP with/without Proxy-Server support. Different playing modes. Seek by slider using my native seeking algorithm. Fast Forward / Fast Backward, Next / Previous...

  • Tor-Pi-Do

    Linux Distro: Anonymous use of Tor with Firefox on the Raspberry Pi 3

    Tor-Pi-do Version 1.0.1 for Raspberry Pi 3 features a stable Debian Linux distro which enables the anonymous use of Tor with Firefox on the Raspberry Pi 3. Download .img file Burn to Micro-SD card Login:pi password:@LPH@zu1u Open cmd prompt: Start Tor service - sudo service tor start Verify Tor service is running - sudo service tor status Open Firefox browser and verify IP address More help in ReadMe/Welcome to Tor-Pi-do Version 1.0.1 for the raspberry pi 3

    Downloads: 5 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • AntiAnons Official Icon

    AntiAnons Official

    Official Windows Desktop Application by AntiAnons

    This application is for those who want to see the truth of anonymous and their skid ways to deal with their own life problems. Later on, it will tell you various reasons people join anonymous and how does it brainwash you just like terrorists do..

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Downloads: 3 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Niameru Icon


    Niameru is a free php auction platform for free bid and bargain. No third party code, 100% my effort, minimum javascript.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Syllog

    Syllog is a system for teaching logic, with anonymous answer logging

    Syllog is a system for teaching various forms of logic, including syllogistic logic. It consists of a student-facing Java Applet that runs in the student's browser, and a teacher-facing, server-based logging facility for recording the answers given by students. The student-facing part simply poses questions, to which the student must provide an answer. The teacher-oriented logging facility then logs the answers anonymously for further investigation by the teacher.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project

    MFC MUTE is a MS Windows *ONLY* client for the MUTE anonymous P2P network. This application derives from the original MUTE (mute-net.sourceforge.net) app supporting anonymous file sharing. The GUI is the best/most polished Windows MUTE available.

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Pechkin Icon


    lightweight bitmessage client

    Pechkin.v0.3.2 Copyright 2017 Fenenko Aleksandr. Licensed Apache License, Version 2.0; This is lightweight bitmessage client writing in java. Supported platform: Android,Linux,Windows play google: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pro.fenenko.pechkin Address to contact the developer: BM-2cT9H4ow7R35qLhcsiTNxFjTpnx44XTbiY

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • FileCryptoBot

    Private anonymous file encryption based on manual RSA handshake

    FileCryptoBot is designed for secure exchange of confidendtial files accross the internet (email etc). Two users (sender and receiver) can securely exchange any file using AES encryption. FileCryptoBot encrypt any file with random AES key, which is encrypted by public RSA key. HOW TO USE IT: Receiver must use the FileCryptoBot to generate RSA key pair (Private Key and Public Key). Receiver will send the Public Key to Sender. Sender will encrypt the confidential file using the Public Key...

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Win-Brash

    A Windows Native Bourne Shell Interpreter

    ... it, then follow the directions in the bin/README.txt file. Note: The .bashrc file defines several script functions for your use and to serve as examples. Other script examples can be found in the Discussion/Programming Examples forum. Anonymous users can currently create new topics of discussion -- hopefully it can be kept that way. Reviews of Win-Brash are now enabled. Please provide your thoughts.

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • XMB Forum - php forum Icon

    XMB Forum - php forum

    php forum, php forum script, forum software, bbs - by XMB Forum

    XMB [eXtreme Message Board] is a lightweight PHP forum with all the features you need to support a growing online community. With outstanding community support and contribution, you will find XMB to be easy to setup, customize, enhance and use. Though XMB is lightweight out of the box, it offers the key features you need to get your message board forum up and running. php forum, php forum script, forum software, bbs - XMB Forum is all of the above. . XMB forum software is free, open...

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • .Net Framework Library for Delphi

    This is a Delphi interface representation of the .NET Framework

    The Library is a delphi interface representation of the .NET Framework class library which is tightly integrate with the Delphi Host Class Library. This library enables you to accomplish a range of common programming tasks, including tasks such as string management, data collection, data access, database connectivity, cryptography, network communications, file access and many more. In addition to these common tasks, the class library includes type interfaces that support a variety of...

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Seedlet Icon


    Seedlet is a source-code-embedded snap-on GUI for java applications.

    Seedlet is an open-source source-code embedded snap-on GUI for standalone Java applications. It can be used for development and testing of independent classes, GUIs for command-line APIs or as independent applications. In addition to a simple GUI, Seedlet provides lots of extras useful both for testing and for applications. It comes with a simple JSR-223 scripting framework, easy JDBC access, many GUI convenience method and other 'under-the-hood' functionality besides.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
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