Women in Open Source Survey

We all know about the challenges that open source software faces when it comes to women, and the number of women in the open source world actually has been a frequent argument of discussion and research. Despite the existing bibliography on this matter, few statistics are available, though not recently updated.

SourceForge wants to help to fill this gap, and we just launched a survey based on the original FLOSSPOLS 10 questions. Questions are addressed to men and women, and it takes approximately 5 minutes to answer them.

We look forward to reading your answers and to sharing our findings with the free software world, having a better understanding of if and how things are changing. We hope to see that projects with an higher percentage of women are signs that we are moving away from what has been called the open source hostility towards women, and we look forward to testimony that the list of women in FLOSS is getting longer and longer.

Please take 5 minutes to fill our online Women in Open Source Survey, and help us to spread the word about it.

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