ViewVC and anonymous pserver access for CVS offline

By Community Team


Since the CVS downtime yesterday, we’ve been experiencing poor performance for CVS. As such, we’ve disabled ViewVC and anonymous pserver access for the time being to prioritize developer read/write access while we address the performance issue. We do not have an estimate for the completion of this yet, but we will keep this post updated as this develops.

UPDATE: ViewVC is now available again, however, the data in ViewVC is still from before the previous downtime. Anonymous pserver is still offline. We’re working to get both these caught up with the latest updates as soon as we can.

UPDATE 2: As of 2012-12-06, anonymous pserver is back online. Note however that both anonymous access methods (ViewVC and pserver) will now lag behind developer changes. Under normal operation, they should be no more than one (1) hour behind. Developer access will always be current.

Best Regards,
Chris Tsai, Support

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  1. gouessej says:

    When do you think the anonymous pserver will be online anew?