Twitter housecleaning

We follow a lot of accounts on Twitter. They’ve accumulated over several years, and several different community managers, and there’s a lot of them that we’re not real sure *why* we’re following them.

Over the coming months, we’re going to be refining that list – removing accounts that don’t seem to be in line with our mission, and adding ones that are missing.

We’re also trying to add some organization to what we’re following, by arranging them into Twitter lists. We’ve created a list of all of the SourceForge projects we follow, and we encourage you to follow that list to get the latest news on what these projects are doing.

We’ve noticed that some projects tweet every time they do anything – commit a code change, open a ticket, start a forum thread – and we’ll likely begin to move these super-verbose ones to another list, so that you can choose whether you want that much information. We’ll see how things evolve.

Please let us know if we’re not following your project, or if we haven’t added you to the list.

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