Top 10 rejected names for our corporate parent

Yesterday our parent company, formerly known as SourceForge, Inc., and before that VA Software, and before that VA Linux, announced a new name: Geeknet, Inc. We paid a professional branding company several dollars to come up with that. Along the way we also tossed out a few dogs. Here are some of the rejects:

10. SourceNet
9. ForgeNet
8. GeeksRUs
7. FLOSSdaily
6. Geeknet (oh wait, we didn’t reject that after all!)
4. NerdNet (big in-house debate, geeks vs. nerds)
3. VA SourceForge
2. ForgeZilla
1. MoarSauce

Reaction to the change was lukewarm in the Twitterverse and on our Facebook fan page, but the consensus seems to be that, as long as we don’t change the name of, it doesn’t really matter what we call the corporation, so I think we’re good.

Conference alert

If you’re near the UK on November 19 and you’re interested in innovative ways to interact with new technologies and data, along with other issues concerning creativity and technology, check out CaT London. Alas, they’re not offering free admission to open source developers.

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