TexMakerX is now TeXstudio

Those of you using LaTeX to write documents may be familiar with a program called Texmaker. A free, cross-platform text editor specifically for LaTeX, this project has been around since 2003. From this project, a new project was forked called TexMakerX. While this was a completely separate project, and said so on their site, there was a lot of crossover and considerable confusion between the two projects.

So when the topic of renaming the project came about, the lead developer of TexMakerX reached out to his community to choose a new name. The community settled on TeXstudio, and the project was renamed accordingly. If you’re a TexMakerX user, make sure to take note of this change.

Both projects are excellent tools. If you’re a frequent user of LaTeX and *not* using a LaTeX-specific text editor, you should be!

For more information on the Texmaker project:

For more information on the TeXstudio project:

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