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Ticket Voting

A frequently-requested feature on the SourceForge ticket tracker is voting – the ability to let your community tell you which tickets are most important to them.

Ticket voting is here.

If your project is on the New SourceForge (if it’s not, you should upgrade now), go to Admin → Tools, and click on Options under Tickets.

Check the box next to ‘Enable voting on tickets’, and click Save.

Tickets will now contain a voting mechanism, and any authenticated user on SourceForge will be able to indicate whether a particular ticket is something that they care about.

In the list view, tickets will indicate what the current vote tally is, and you can order tickets by vote, so that you can work on what people care the most about.

You can give the feature a spin right now by going to the Allura ticket queue and telling us what you’d like for us to work on next.