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Platform updates: Recent pushes

In recent weeks, we’ve pushed out a number of new releases, featuring fixes and feature enhancements. Here’s several of these changes.

[#2242] – Adds a “release technician” role to projects, so that you can have non-admins make file releases. To access this feature, go to Admin → Tools, and select ‘Release Technicians’.

This feature was available in Classic projects, but prior to this change, only project admins on new/upgraded projects were able to upload to the file release area. This gives a way to have better defined division of tasks on your project.

[#4936] – Adds resolution to ticket status. In SourceForge classic, the status and the resolution (ie, “Closed”, and “WontFix”) were tracked as two separate fields. In the new SourceForge tracker, there’s just one status. This fix ensures that the two old fields are migrated into the new field and no information is lost.

[#5260] – On migration, close milestones that contain all closed tickets. In SourceForge classic, milestones didn’t have an open/closed status, but they do in the new version. So, when trackers are migrated, we now mark milestones as closed if all of the tickets in them are closed. This avoids resurrecting past milestones on migration.

If you want to see what’s scheduled for upcoming releases, follow the next milestone, and don’t forge to vote for tickets that you’d like to see prioritized, or make new feature requests in the Feature Requests ticket queue.

Hosted Apps Update: Retirement Delayed

TL;DR: The Hosted Apps service has been given a few more months to live. See the Hosted Apps Retirement status page for ongoing status updates.

Several months ago we announced that the Hosted Apps service would be retired.
Hosted Apps was a service that we offered, where various third-party apps (WordPress, phpBB, MediaWiki, and so on) could be used in conjunction with the standard tools offered by the core SourceForge platform.

We’re currently sorting through a scale-up of capacity for the project web and project DB services, and increasing scaling in our LDAP directory infrastructure. As this work, and testing of the platform with modern app revisions, is not complete, we are postponing the end of life of the Hosted Apps offering.

We will continue to update the Hosted Apps Retirement status page as we have more information, and ample notice will be provided when the new end of life date for the Hosted Apps service is announced.