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SendmailAnalyzer is enterprise-ready

SendmailAnalyzer is a log analyzer for the Sendmail mail transfer agent (MTA). It can process maillog files nightly or in real time, and generates dynamic statistical reports in HTML with graphic output that let you know at any moment what is going on on your mail servers. It can show hour, day, month, and year views for historical reports, and provides cross-linked navigation to detailed views. In short, it tells you what you need to know for better performance analysis, troubleshooting, and resource management.

The software is easy to install on any *nix server that supports Perl, CGI, and libgd, and highly configurable to match the dozens of possible Sendmail configurations.

SendmailAnalyzer is small and fast, and useful on everything from small enterprise MTAs to those at ISPs that handle millions of email messages per day. It can work on a single MTA server or on a central syslog-dedicated server. It can produce reports for all the major milters (Sendmail filters), such as SpamAssassin, MailScanner, ClamAV, Amavis, RBL Check, and J-ChkMail. In addition to admin-oriented information, it can present IT and customer information such as message direction distribution and per domain reports.

Gilles Darold, the developer behind SysUsage, which we profiled last week, created SendmailAnalyzer seven years ago to help manage the four Sendmail servers at his company, which handle as many as three million email messages per month, and run spam and virus filters. “As a busy sysadmin I only had time to do some grep commands on maillog for troubleshooting, so I looked for a tool to create cumulative and historical reports on email traffic and highlight Sendmail errors. I never found anything very useful, so I built exactly what I wanted.”

Like SysUsage, SendmailAnalyzer is written in Perl, with libgd producing PNG graphics. SendmailAnalyzer doesn’t use a database, just flat files, so there’s no elaborate software to install.

Darold welcomes user input via the project’s home page. “If you find something is missing, just drop me an email and I will include it.” Users who want to help develop the software are invited to add support for more milters and filters.