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ProcessMaker 2.5 now available for download or hosted solution

Colosa, Inc., developer of the popular ProcessMaker open source business process management (BPM) and workflow software, today announced the release of the highly anticipated 2.5 version of its workflow and BPM software platform. The new version is available for immediate download from the ProcessMaker website and can also be accessed as a hosted solution on the ProcessMaker cloud.

ProcessMaker is part of the new SourceForge Enterprise Directory.

ProcessMaker 2.5 offers significant speed and performance improvements and also includes new features to enhance the user experience. Large installations which run tens of thousands of new cases each month will find that ProcessMaker runs up to five times faster on the new platform. These same users will also now enjoy lightning fast, deep data enterprise search thanks to an optimized integration with the Solr enterprise search engine from the Apache Lucene open source project. Besides speed and performance improvements, The 2.5 platform also features new WYSIWYG HTML editor allows users to quickly edit forms, email templates and output documents, and a PDF generation engine improves output document quality. Other new features include grid form improvements, including new file upload and suggest fields inside DynaForms, and a new administration area to allow administrators to centralize and improve log files.

We have always had one of the most elegant and simple-to-use interfaces in the industry, but the ProcessMaker 2.5 release marks a major milestone,” explained Colosa CEO Brian Reale. “We improved the ProcessMaker core, adding scalability to accommodate even the most demanding enterprise implementations that are generating tens of thousands of new requests or cases per month on our platform.”
To learn more about Colosa’s workflow simplification tools and the newly released ProcessMaker 2.5 platform, please see the press release on