Survey: Would you be comfortable giving us your twitter info?

This is a sneaky attempt to get you to use one of the great new features that’s been added to the SourceForge site in recent weeks – ticket voting. With this feature, you can vote up or down on a particular change or bug that’s been reported on a project. Project leaders can then use this information to help decide what they work on first.

In this case, I’d like to direct your attention to a ticket on the Allura project (Allura is the forge software behind SourceForge) that suggests adding more Twitter integration to the project. A project would register their Twitter account with the site, giving SourceForge the right to send messages to Twitter on your behalf, in the event of various project events. Events might be a release, a closed ticket, a commit to your Git repository, or a blog post, for example.

So, go to the ticket and vote up or down on it, so that we know whether people actually want this feature. And you’ll also want to start paying attention to how people are voting on issues on your projects, so you know what people want you to work on.

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One Response to “Survey: Would you be comfortable giving us your twitter info?”

  1. BSEindia Aug 20, 2012 at 9:38 am #

    I dont think there is any problem with giving twitter info. Users are giving it everywhere.