Removal of Confusing Ratings Data

By Community Team

A while back at SourceForge we moved from our long time “Thumbs Up” / “Thumbs Down” system to a more fine grained, 5-star review system.

reviewsAs part of that migration, we included all ratings, including those with no written review attached. Since then, we’ve been observing the data and user feedback. We’ve found that there has been confusion over the disparity between the numbers of ratings and written reviews, and with disproportionate numbers of 1 and 5 star ratings (which “Thumbs Downs” and “Thumbs Ups” were assigned respectively). Additionally, we’d also found that the old system had been abused a number of times in the past, which has resulted in skewed ratings (eg., by bots submitting ratings).

With that feedback, we’ve concluded that the migrated data is actually a disservice to our users and project administrators and we’ve decided to remove that data to both reduce confusion as well as improve the weight and quality of the remaining reviews.

One Response

  1. guest says:

    Really cool because some of the ratings were ambiguous and without description
    also it was looking like as if some random person has rated the product without even looking at it.