Project spotlight: xVideoServiceThief

I recently spoke with the developer of the xVideoServiceThief project about his project.

Rich: What does your project do? What video formats/sites does it work with?

Xesk: xVideoServiceThief is a tool for downloading videos from video services sites. At this moment the xVST can download any kind of file. If this file is a video, then you can convert it automatically to another common format using the FFMPEG library (bundled with the application, except for Linux version).

Rich: Is that legal? Have you received any legal challenges to what you’re doing?

Xesk: I never did received any legal challenge (crossing fingers hehehe). The xVST acts like a browser, the only difference is that the video is not played, but rather is saved directly to disk.

Rich: How long have you been working on this project? How did you get started doing this? Why do you continue to work on it?

This project has been developed in my free time (which is not much currently, my life changed a lot since 2007). The first version of this project was coded using Delphi, then due to the impossibility to port it to Linux (and later to Mac OS X) I decided to change the framework platform, and was replaced for Qt4 (this was my first Qt4 project).

Today, I’m mainly maintaining the xVST plugins, but I must say that a new update will be released soon (I hope!!).

Rich: What’s in the future for xVideoServiceThief? Is there some way that someone might get involved?

Xesk: How can people get involved? Helping me in the process of maintaining and writing the new plugins 🙂 It would be a great help.


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