PonyKart is a My Little Pony themed racing game. I recently had a chance to chat with the developer of this game over email about his project.

Rich: What inspired you to start this project? What were the original technical goals, other than just having fun?

Pyritie: I wanted to make a relatively straightforward game and I was having trouble getting people interested with original characters and stuff, so I made it about a TV show to get more popularity. It definitely made it a lot easier to recruit good people and promote the project.

Original (and current) technical goals are to make a straightforward kart game with 6 characters, 4 tracks, and some items. The tracks are taking a lot longer to make than I anticipated though.

Rich: Where do you see the project going in the future?

Pyritie: I’d like to see the game finish those goals, so it can be something everyone on the team is proud of and can put on their CV for experience and stuff (I’m pretty sure it helped me get a job!), but when the TV show finishes, that might be more difficult

Rich: Do you welcome contributions from other developers? If so, what would be a good way to get involved in the project?

Pyritie: I do, yes, but my engine is pretty convoluted so if anyone wants to contribute I usually have to explain how everything works first! If anyone’s looking to help though, sending us an email at is probably their best bet at getting our attention

Rich: Where do I go for more information or discussion about the game. I see of course, but are there other sites where folks might be talking about the game?

Pyritie: We post our videos on youtube at, but otherwise the only other places where you might see discussion is on MLP-related sites like Equestria Daily and Ponychan.

Here’s one of those videos:

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