Platform updates: Recent pushes

In the last few pushes, we’ve had a number of fixes around the upgrade and migration process. Here’s a few of the highlights.

#5073 – convert ticket changes into comments. Classic tickets have a “Changes” section. We now convert those into comments formatted the same way new ticket changes get formatted.

There were several fixes to markdown rendering. We were importing text into markdown, and certain characters, which Markdown treats specially, ended up being formatted strangely. This fix makes the import to Markdown do more what you meant.

#5271 – This fix was part of a larger effort to curb spam, and lets us catch a spammer in the act, and stop them from doing more damage.

#2834 – As part of the migration, admins were getting re-subscribed to notifications that they had previously unsubscribed from, which can be annoying. This fix ensures that once you’ve unsubscribed from a particular flavor of update, you stay unsubscribed.

#4111 – Fixes to unicode searching.

Going forward, you can see what we’re working on next in the November 30 milestone. We work on stuff in two-week sprints, and everything is tracked in public, so you can always see what’s going on. Feel free to vote on tickets if you’d like to see something in the next sprint!

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