Ohio LInuxFest – Amazing.

Hi all,

d_and_MaddogHallAs I had mentioned last week, I went to the Ohio LinuxFest. I was generously rewarded not only by the presentations, but also by the luminary class event as a whole. Friday’s keynote speaker was none other than Jon Hall. Jon spoke about how Linux is used around the world. Two key things I loved about this talk was how Jon Described his interaction with Linus Torvalds and how Jon was able to get Linus a DEC Alpha so that Linus could port Linux to that platform.

As well, I greatly appreciated the tale of how Jon had left a Linux CD behind at the University of the Pacific on Fiji. On his next visit there, Linux ruled the installed environment. There was of course more, but suffice it to say, it was an engaging talk.

d-and-DrMcKusickOn Saturday, Dr. Kirk Marshall McKusick gave a talk on how to manage a project. He used the BSD / FreeBSD projects as the basis for this talk. One of the keys to running a successful project, Dr. McKusick suggests, is getting rid of the deadwood. In the case of the BSD project, he did this by ensuring that there was a core team that changes on a regular basis; members to the core team, who can grant commit privileges and are elected by the committers. It seems an excellent model for project organization.

I saw other presentations that I valued. Of note was the presentation given by Emma Marshall from System 76 about how she works with a team to help get Ubuntu into classrooms. I also learned a little about how Juju is used to help deploy in a server environment by Jorge Castro. I was interviewed by the Sunday Morning Linux Review crew. I show up at about the 58 minute mark.

If you’ve never been to OLF, I recommend you put it on your conference calendar for next year and that you take a friend.

Daniel Hinojosa, SourceForge Community Manager

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