November Project of the Month: Mumble

Thorvald Natvig was tired of listening to all kinds of background noise over his headset while he was gaming online with his friends, so he decided to build his own VoIP solution instead. Mumble is way more than a glorified walkie-talkie setup, it’s much cooler than that.

In Natvig’s own words, “Mumble also has an in-game overlay; this works in full screen games, and shows you a graphical representation of who is in the same channel (virtual room) as you, and who is talking right now. We also have positional audio for supported games; the voice of your friends will sound like it comes from the same direction their in-game avatar is.”

Neat, yes? That’s one of the reasons Mumble is November’s Project of the Month. To learn more about the team behind Mumble, and about the project itself, check out its special page.

Natvig says one of the reasons he chose to host the project is because we’re “a recognized name, and we’re leeching on your fame.” That’s OK, Thorvald, leech all you want! 🙂


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