New Download Statistics Breakdown

Developers love statistics about their project and how it’s doing, and so, one of the features we provide for our projects are download statistics. This allows a project admin to get an idea of how actively their project is being downloaded, where from, and for what operating system.

In June, in addition to tracking total downloads by country and total downloads by operating system, we also began tracking how many downloads per OS there were for each country. This information is now available on the interactive Download Statistics page.


You can view the results either as a total count of OS downloads per country, or as the OS’s percentage of that country’s downloads. The table is of course sortable in both views by any column, and the interactive map is presented to give a visual representation of which are your most active regions.

You can see these statistics by clicking the Downloads Count link on your project’s Summary page.

So, how would you leverage these statistics to give your users the best experience with your software project?

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