Meet the Staff: Daniel Hinojosa


Hi everybody!

Some of our staff members have asked to write entries on the Community Hub blog, and I think that’s a pretty good idea. First, though, I think they should be properly introduced! So this new series of articles, Meet the Staff, will focus on the people who make “go”.

So I’m going to take a quick break from my Many Hats of series to introduce Daniel Hinojosa, our Support Manager. Daniel hasn’t been with us long, but many of our users have already had the pleasure of working with him. Enjoy!

Name: Daniel Hinojosa, Support Manager
Location: Mountain View, CA

Q: So! What do you do at SourceForge?

A: I am the support manager. My job is to build a team and processes to provide support to the community. My main goal is to build a support model for the delivery of support that’s so good, we become primarily known for our support

Q: How long have you been on the staff?

A: I started this job in May of 2007. Before this, I worked at a couple of different startups. Before that, I had been at a couple of large bay area corporations.

Q: How will our community know when you’ve done your job well?

A: Ideally, they will say so over in our Community Hub forums. However, I think the community, over time, will come to realize that they are spending more time doing what they love with and less time working with me and my team. I want us to be known for the support we provide.

Q: What made you want to join the staff at

A: I used to be a UNIX sysadmin and member of USENIX / SAGE back in the early / mid nineties and early 00’s. The open source community has a natural connection to that community. I’m sure a bunch of folks I used to know from that community are now focused more on the open source community than on being system administrators. It was a natural, logical fit for me. Plus, it’s — are you kidding me?

Q: Are you an interesting person, and why should we believe you?

A: Of course I’m an interesting person. My native language is Spanish and English. I’m a “global nomad” – I was born in Spain, I lived in Japan for a few years, and of course, a couple of states. Nor-Cali is my home now, though my heart is still in SoCal (San Diego) where I learned to surf. I have been surfing since 1972. My first career choice was photography. I once worked in Prudhoe Bay Alaska, on the North Slope. My .sig from circa 1989 is in the UNIX fortune database (it’s incomplete there, btw). How did I get here from there? Okay, maybe I’m not very interesting… 😐

Q: The world wants to know: pirates or ninjas?

A: Arrrrrrrr! <pirate_speak>If you can’t keep hold of yer doubloons, nail ’em to yer face.</pirate_speak>

Though, having grown up in Japan for a while, I have a soft spot for the stealthy ones. How do you make that choice, pirates or ninjas? Pirates have the cool swords, ninjas the katanas, flying stars, nunchucks… Pirates drink grog, ninjas drink sake. Pirates are in your face, ninjas were in your face, but it’s too late now…

Q: Who was your favorite James Bond actor, and why?

A: Famke Janssen as Xenia Onatopp – duh. Mainly since her first role as an actor was in Star Trek: TNG as Kamala, the empath. Jean-Luc blew that one if you ask me.

Q: What kinds of development tools do you normally use? Emacs or vi? OSX, Linux, or Windows? Which *sh do you prefer, if any?

A: I’m not a coder – I couldn’t code my way out of a paper bag. As for the rest:

ksh> vi foo
Emacs or vi? OSX, Linux, or Windows?
:1,$s/Emacs or //g
:1,$s/, Linux, or Windows//g

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