Meet the staff: Community editor Lee Schlesinger

Today’s a legal holiday in the US, but we like to post an entry in the blog every weekday to keep you from getting bored. I can’t promise to relieve the boredom today, because today’s entry is about me.

My public face on the site is that of the author of these blog posts. I also send out the monthly SourceForge newsletter. If you follow our Twitter feed or like our Facebook page, you’re seeing more of what I do. Recently I also began helping out on Slashdot, our sister site, posting occasional articles when regular authors are away or unavailable.

Lee Schlesinger

My job title deserves some explanation. When I joined the company in 2003, it was as an editor for sites that provided original content for people interested in open source and information technology – NewsForge, DevChannel, ITManagersJournal, and All have since shut down, except for, which is now produced by the Linux Foundation (and still worth visiting). When I moved to last year, my primary role was to foster community, so we simply combined the new and old roles into a hybrid title.

While the company is based in California, with a large contingent also in Dexter, Mich., I work out of a home office in Florida. For many years I worked daily with people I’d never met face-to-face. Geeknet has been a pioneer in supporting remote office workers – it lets companies get the best people for the job even when those folks don’t live close to the company.

Because I’m not local, most of my co-workers don’t know about my secret hobby – acting and working in community theatre. In the last year I’ve had small parts in the musicals “Annie,” “Gypsy,” and “Crazy for You,” and helped moved sets backstage.

Parting words of wisdom: Project leaders, take a minute to add a screenshot to your project. You know what they say about how many words a picture is worth. And make sure you have forwarding properly set up for your e-mail address. All too often I try to contact a project so I can write about it, only to have my message bounce as undeliverable.

You can follow Lee on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn.

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