iTALC – POTM for August


We are very excited to be honoring the iTALC project as our Project of the Month for August 2011. iTALC is a free classroom management software which enables teachers to view and monitor student’s computers in a classroom setting. It also allows the students to view the teacher’s screen when needed. It currently supports Linux and Windows XP/Vista/7, and is being widely used by teachers and educators.

SourceForge salutes the iTALC project because of the tireless efforts of the lead developer, Tobias Doerffel, who has spent thousands of hours working on this project. He has been helping computer students and teachers be more effective since 2004.

Congratulations Tobias and iTALC! We appreciate your efforts and for making the world a better place, and keep up the good work!

For more information about iTALC, you can read more on their POTM page.

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