Hosted Apps migration docs: Help us out

I mentioned a few days ago that we’re retiring the Hosted Apps functionality (and, by the way, there’s some great conversation going on over on that posting), and that we were starting to work on some documentation on the process of migrating those apps to project web space.

Later that day, the Software Sustainability Institute blog posted an updated version of my migration doc, clarifying some of the things I’d explained poorly.

We really appreciate this kind of community participation in our documentation. Did you know that all of our documentation wiki pages are available for you, the community, to enhance? If you feel that there’s something we’ve explained poorly, or not at all, please feel free to update those docs. If you find that you don’t have access to update a particular doc, just ask, and we’ll set you up with the necessary permissions.

In particular, if you have experience migrating your data from a Hosted App to your web space, the whole SourceForge community could benefit from that experience.

The SourceForge platform itself is Open Source, but so is our support community, and we encourage you to participate in that process.

So, a hearty THANK YOU to Mike Jackson and the folks from the OGSA-DAI project for sharing their time and expertise with us. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to update my document.

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