Hoop it up with these basketball apps

Basketball season is underway, energizing players, fans, and software developers alike. Here are a few projects that aren’t afraid to get aggressive on the court.

Ultimate Basketball Challenge is a pre-alpha simulation of the sport for your computer, with five on five play and tracking of player and team statistics. It’s nowhere near finished, but it is actively being developed.

If you have a Java Virtual Machine on your phone, you can get a basketball fix anytime, anywhere with Pocket Basketball. The graphics are rudimentary, but the game lets you try to shoot as many baskets as you can and prevent your opponent from scoring. It uses the dial pad to move your player around the screen.

We also have software for those who are a little more intimately involved with the sport. Basketball Coaches Management Tool gives coaches to tools to run everything from try-outs to tournaments. It tracks games and statistics, player information and player development.

PhpMySport is not b-ball-specific – it works for most team sports clubs and leagues. With it you can easily create and manage a web site, manage matches, seasons, players, and team compositions, post news, and host discussion forums.

If you want to use your computer and a projector for a basketball scoreboard, try Java ScoreBoard. It lets you keep a countdown clock, track the score, track fouls, play sounds, and even run a slide show.

Finally, if you’re more of a watcher than a player, especially of college basketball, the Tournament Pool and Bracket Tracker may interest you. This Java Servlet offers bracket entering, multiple scoring systems, and multiple users, groups, and pools.

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