Featured project, March 5 2012

This weeks’ featured projects span a number of categories, and include two projects from our sister site, BerliOS.

  • Hibernate

    Hibernate – Relational Persistence for Idiomatic Java

  • PNG reference library: libpng

    Reference library for supporting the Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format.

  • Linux-on-android

    This projects aim is to bring a range of linux distros to your android device.

  • Code::Blocks IDE

    Code::Blocks is an open-source cross-platform IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for C/C++. Designed with flexibility in mind, most of its features are provided by external modules (plugins) making it easily extendable and configurable.

  • avidemux

    Avidemux is a free video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks.

  • IPCop Firewall

    The IPCop Firewall is a Linux firewall distribution. It is geared towards home and SOHO users. The IPCop web-interface is very user-friendly and makes usage easy.

  • Nagios

    Nagios is a powerful, enterprise-class host, service, application, and network monitoring program. Designed to be fast, flexible, and rock-solid stable. Nagios runs on *NIX hosts and can monitor Windows, Linux/Unix/BSD, Netware, and network devices.

  • Hattrick Organizer

    Helper Tool for online-manager Hattrick

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