Extcalc: An easy-to-use scientific graphing calculator for Linux

If you work in the scientific or engineering fields, or teach in those areas, chances are you need a good graphing calculator, but if you already have a computer, there’s no need for an extra device to clutter up your life. Extcalc is an easy-to-use scientific graphing calculator for Linux that offer a host of complex of mathematical functions.

German developer Rainer Strobel began developing Extcalc almost five years ago “because I could not find a scientific calculator for Linux with features comparable to standalone scientific graphing calculators. There are a lot of other scientific calculators that don’t offer many features. So I started to write my own.”

Extcalc provides a user interface that is comparable to that of a graphing calculator, and makes use of the improved performance of a PC for features like hardware-accelerated 3-D graphics and multithreading.

Strobel says he decided to release Extcalc as open source software “because all my development tools and even my Linux operating system were open source software. And SourceForge is the perfect platform to release open source software and build a community of users and supporters of the program. The community is very important for any open source application, and especially for a small program like Extcalc with only one active developer. I try to answer every feature request and bug report.”

Extcalc’s most recent release came out earlier this month. In future releases, Strobel says he plans to enhance the user interface. “There are a lot of improvements possible with the new Qt 4 framework, which is used in the latest version of Extcalc. The next version with an improved user interface will come out maybe within the next two or three months.”


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