Earthquake researchers get a Seismic Tool-Kit

If you lived in Tahiti, you too might be more concerned than most people about seismic disturbances. Dominique Reymond of the Laboratoire de Géophysique on that island has designed a Seismic Tool-Kit (STK) for processing seismic data. “It is mainly oriented toward signal processing (spectral analysis, filtering, polarization analysis) for seismologists,” Reymond says, “but it is used also at schools for viewing and plotting records of earthquakes.”

STK reads data provided by the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology, a university consortium dedicated to the acquisition and distribution of freely available seismic data. Reymond wrote the software in C using GTK+. “The GTK+ library provides a high level of graphics functions and is well-documented, with books available for beginners. Hence, starting a project with Gtk+ was not too complicated.” He registered the project on SourceForge in 2007.

Reymond says, “I follow the good and famous example of the Generic Mapping Tools, written by Paul Wessel and Walter H. Smith, which I use, along with many other scientists, almost every day. This kind of project is really useful for the scientific community.”

Reymond says STK is still in beta, and even last week’s most recent release is not bug-free. “The goal is to develop a stable version that’s also well-documented. Presently the documentation is almost minimalist.” He welcomes assistance from anyone who can help meet those goals.


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