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Subject: JStock is project of the month; Games for the Holidays; The year in review;

It’s hard to believe that the end of 2012 is just a few days away. It’s been a great year for SourceForge. More about that later. Let’s start with this month:

JStock is the Project of the Month

JStock is a free stock market software for 26 countries. It provides stock watchlist, intraday stock price snapshot, stock indicator editor, stock indicator scanner and portfolio management. Free SMS/email alert supported.

Earlier this month we spoke with Yan Chen Cheok, the lead developer on this project. You can listen, or read, to find out more about JStock, at And, if you’re interested in the stock market, you can use JStock to help you become a smarter investor.

Please vote for the January Project of the Month. You’ll find the list of candidates, and a link to the vote, at (You’ll need to be signed in to Twitter to vote, as a preventative measure against robo-voting.) Note: Vote is closed. Stay tuned for the January POTM announcement.

SourceForge is hiring

SourceForge, and our sister sites Slashdot and Freecode, are looking for some additions to our team. We’re looking for a Systems Programmer/Analyst, who will work on the team that oversees production and development systems, databases, systems integration, infrastructure, and networks for the Geeknet Media sites (Slashdot, SourceForge, Freecode) and associated services. You’ll find details of this position at

We’re also looking for a Senior Systems Administrator in the Chicago, IL area. You can find more details on that position at

Finally, we’re looking for a Front End Engineer for our Dexter, MI office. The details of that position are at

If you’re interested in any of these positions, please click the red “Click Here to Apply” button on that site.

Games for The Holidays

If you’re a video game buff, new games for the holidays are always a winner. And if they’re free, that’s even better. Last year around this time, we did a blog entry ( about free games, and since then we’ve done a number of features about the many games on SourceForge. We even tried to create a comprehensive list – – which is still very much a work in process.

Platform Updates

Our team of engineers is constantly pushing out updates to the developer platform. However, we’ve done a rather poor job in the past of telling you what they’re up to, which is an injustice both to them and to you.

We’ve started a new series of blog posts, which you’ll find at, where we’ll tell you what they’ve pushed out. We don’t cover everything, because much of it, although important, is behind-the-scenes stuff you won’t necessarily see. But we’ll cover the changes that we think will affect your daily use of the site, or which fix problems that many of you are likely to have seen.

We tend to operate in two-week sprints, but we also do minor pushes in between the major ones, so the frequency of these posts will vary from week to week. We hope that you find them helpful in keeping up with the progress of our platform.

Two recent additions include the 5-star ratings feature ( and the addition of your Twitter handle to your project summary page ( We think that both of these features will enhance your attachment to your community.

You can also see what we’ll be working on next (see the Milestone list on the left) and vote on tickets for upcoming milestones, at

Help Wanted

Every now and then, every project needs a little help. We have a forum at where you can post your needs, or your desire to help.

Here’s some projects that are looking for developers or designers to help them out.

Sqliteman is looking for someone to adopt the project. Sqliteman is a sqlite3 GUI frontend for developers and db users, written in C++ and QT4. If you’re interested, respond to the article at

Aurora Game Manager is looking for a creative developer and a PC gamer to jump in on the effort. They describe more of what they’re looking for at Aurora is written using Java Swing.

XOOPS is looking for PHP developers, and for designers. XOOPS is a PHP CMS which was recently the SourceForge project of the month. You can follow up on the post at if you’re interested.

The Vega Strike project is looking for artists to design 3D cockpit interiors. That request can be seen at and you can follow up on that post.

And, as importantly, there’s another forum for developers in search of a project. If your project is looking for new talent, have a look at the developer profiles posted at and see if one of them is what you’re looking for.

Projects of the Month – a year in review

We’ve had some really great Projects of the Month this year, with very closely contested votes many months. At we review all of the featured projects for 2012, including the current project of the month, JStock.

Top Growth Projects

We’re always on the lookout for projects that might be doing interesting things, and a surge in downloads is one of many metrics that we look at to identify them. Here’s the projects that had the greatest growth in the last month.

Stellarium: A realistic, real-time 3D simulation of the night sky.

Moodle: Moodle is a Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It is a Free web application that educators can use to create effective online learning sites.

Eclipse and Java Video Tutorials: Free video screencam tutorials for Eclipse and Java. Includes “Eclipse and Java for Total Beginners”, “Using the Eclipse Workbench”, “Introducing Persistence”, and “Using the Debugger”. Intended for beginning and intermediate users and programmer

Lazarus: Rapid applications development tool and libraries for FPC

West Point Bridge Designer and Contest: A national virtual bridge engineering contest for kids of all ages.

Zenoss Core – Enterprise IT Monitoring: Zenoss Core is an enterprise network and systems management application written in Python. Zenoss provides an integrated product for monitoring availability, performance, events and configuration across layers and across platforms.

MO Virtual Router: Virtual Wi-Fi For Windows 8

Kiwix: Wikipedia offline & more

AkelPad: A simple notepad-like text editor with many features. It is designed to be a small and fast.

tuntaposx: Unix-style tun and tap virtual network interfaces for Mac OS X.

PosteRazor – Make your own poster!: Want to print a poster? PosteRazor cuts an image file into pieces and you can print them on your printer and glue them together to a poster. Easy FLTK based user interface. Uses FreeImage for image loading. Creates PDFs as output.

xplanner-plus: XPlanner+ is a web-based project planning and tracking tool.

ShellEd: ShellEd is a superb shell script editor for Eclipse. The benefits of this plugin are the integration of man page information for content assist/hover help and the ability to run your project’s shell scripts without leaving Eclipse. Check it out!

Sims3 Tools: Tools using the s3pi library and other related works – package editor (with simple objk, vpxy and language string editors and a DDS file tool), object cloner and sims3pack packer/unpacker. Runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux.

RapidMiner — Data Mining, ETL, OLAP, BI: No 1 in Business Analytics: Data Mining, Predictive Analytics, ETL, Reporting, Dashboards in One Tool. 1000+ methods: data mining, business intelligence, ETL, data mining, data analysis + Weka + R, forecasting, visualization, business intelligence.

Arch Bang: ArchBang is a simple GNU/Linux distribution which provides you with a lightweight Arch Linux system combined with the OpenBox window manager. Suitable for both desktop and portable systems – It is fast, stable, and always up to date.

NASA WorldWind: NASA World Wind is a graphically rich 3D virtual globe for use on desktop computers running Windows. It combines NASA imagery generated from satellites that have produced Blue Marble, Landsat 7, SRTM, MODIS and more.

PhotoFilmStrip: PhotoFilmStrip creates movies out of your pictures in just 3 steps. First select your photos, customize the motion path and render the video. There are several output possibilities for VCD, SVCD, DVD up to FULL-HD. Creates animated slideshows.

py2exe: A distutils extension to create standalone windows programs from python scripts.

In Closing …

As always, thanks for being part of the SourceForge community.

If you want more frequent updates than this newsletter, there’s several places where we make those updates. We’re on Twitter – We’re on Facebook – We’re on Google+ – And if you follow the opensource and software Reddits, and respectively, you’ll see the occasional post from us there, too.

And, of course, there’s our blog – – where we post longer articles about our projects and our platform.

Keep coding.

The SourceForge Community Team


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