“Community Choice” Project of the Month Vote – October 2015

The vote for October 2015 Community Choice SourceForge Project of the Month is now available, and will run until September 15, 2015 12:00 UTC.


The main goal of NamelessRom is to provide quality development for Android devices, phones, and tablets alike. NamelessRom developers are available nearly 24/7 and respond to bug reports and feature requests almost instantly.
[ Download NamelessROM ]


A small program to customize your dock on OS X 10.9 Mavericks, 10.10 Yosemite, and 10.11 El Capitan. There are several dock styles included, and users can also create their own custom docks. Simply open the cDock, select options you’d like, and click Apply!
[ Download cDock ]

Roundcube Webmail

Roundcube Webmail is a browser-based, multilingual IMAP client with an application-like user interface. Roundcube provides the full functionality you’d expect from an email client, including MIME support, address book, folder manipulation, message searching, and spell check. Roundcube is written in PHP and JavaScript.
[ Download Roundcube Webmail ]


The Perl Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE) library is a set of functions that implement regular expression pattern matching, using the same syntax and semantics as Perl 5. PCRE has its own native API, in addition to a set of POSIX compatible wrapper functions.
[ Download PCRE ]


Cyberfox is a Mozilla-based Internet browser, designed to take advantage of 64-bit architecture, but a 32-bit version is also available. The application provides a higher performance when navigating your favorite pages. Compatible With Windows 7 x64, and Windows 8/8.x OS.
[ Download Cyberfox ]

Cool Reader

CoolReader is a fast and small cross-platform XML/CSS based eBook reader for desktops and handheld devices. Supported formats: FB2, TXT, RTF, DOC, TCR, HTML, EPUB, CHM, PDB, and MOBI. Platforms: Win32, Linux, and Android. It is also ported on some eInk based devices.
[ Download Cool Reader ]

fre:ac – free audio converter

fre:ac is a free audio converter and CD ripper for various formats and encoders. It features MP3, MP4/M4A, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, AAC, and Bonk format support. It also integrates freedb/CDDB, CDText, and ID3v2 tagging, and is available in several languages.
[ Download fre:ac – free audio converter ]

TeXstudio – A LaTeX Editor

TeXstudio is a fully featured LaTeX editor. Our goal is to make writing LaTeX documents as easy and comfortable as possible. Some of the outstanding features of TeXstudio are an integrated PDF viewer with (almost) word-level synchronization, live inline preview, advanced syntax-highlighting, live reference check, citations, latex commands, spelling, and grammar.
[ Download TeXstudio – A LaTeX Editor ]


A full featured OS for an aging PC. Aging hardware needs the right system on it to squeeze a few more years out of your current system without sacrificing performance, capability, usability, and aesthetics.
[ Download LXLE ]

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4 Responses to ““Community Choice” Project of the Month Vote – October 2015”

  1. daniel Aug 25, 2015 at 11:44 am #


    • Elizabeth Daniels Aug 26, 2015 at 10:48 am #

      Please vote on the forum post here: https://sourceforge.net/p/potm/discussion/vote/thread/2001cdf0/

  2. Wendy Siefken Aug 25, 2015 at 2:35 pm #

    I vote for bonkenc otherwise known as fre:ac – free audio converter. I really like their system and what they have to offer those who do audio recordings for audio books.

    • Elizabeth Daniels Aug 26, 2015 at 10:48 am #

      Please vote on the forum post here: https://sourceforge.net/p/potm/discussion/vote/thread/2001cdf0/