Check Out Some Projects Looking for Volunteers


If you love open source and have some extra time on your hands, why not consider volunteering to help out one of the projects hosted on SourceForge? You don’t need mad developer skills to pitch in, most projects will welcome volunteers with all levels of experience.

Even if you no coding skills at all, don’t let that stop you from finding a way to lend a hand because there’s always something that needs to get done. Project leads will help match your skills and interests to their todo list and you could end up doing anything from testing an app for bugs to touching up artwork and logos.

Here are a few projects looking for volunteers right now:

Ikasan is a Java-based middleware platform that was recently open sourced by a banking institution and needs Java developers to help take the project to the next level.

SourceForge community member wek21 is looking for people with Qt or KDE-related programming skills to help put together a desktop applet for Plasma that notifies users when friends update their social networking sites.

Graphic artists might want to hit up isaque to help create artwork for the task manager project, Coyote.

There are a bunch of things to do over at the auction script project WeBid, including help finishing the payment system and “making the front end less ugly.”

Twincling, a repository of open source software developed by an India-based technology company, is looking for PHP programmers to work on two projects; –dmod and –scano.

You can always find the latest volunteer help wanted ads on our forums.

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