Announcing Apache Open Office 3.4

SourceForge congratulates Apache OpenOffice on the release Apache OpenOffice 3.4, the first release to carry the Apache name. (Official Release Announcement)

Apache OpenOffice has a number of exciting new features, but the main effort on this release has gone into replacing or rewriting any components that were not compliant with the Apache license.

The video below covers some of the new features. I’ve got another video in the works covering more of the new features, so don’t think that this is all that’s in there.

SourceForge is very proud to host the Templates and Extensions sites, as well as helping out with the distribution of the main release.
We wish OpenOffice enormous success with their new release, and we’re proud to have a small part in that.

Stay tuned for two more videos. I was able to interview Jürgen Schmidt, the Apache OpenOffice release manager, last week, and we talked some about what was involved in getting this release out. And, as I mentioned above, I have another video in the works with some of the other new features.

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