About Harvesting External Innovation

adms.sw logoLast year on behalf of SourceForge I joined the ADMS Software Working Group, an EU initiative aimed at describing software artifacts developed by or for public administrations to increase its sharing and reuse potential.

In order to help the project we contributed our Trove categorization system to classify projects under a Creative Commons license, so that it could be used and expanded.

I’ve just received an email from Stijin Goedertier – manager of PWc and ADMS Working Group representitive – saying that few months later the ADMS.SW group has actually expanded the original work, translating it in 6 different languages.

This is just a brief e-mail to inform you that we have transformed six SourceForge taxonomies using the W3C SKOS standard and have provided them with multilingual labels.

We will use these taxonomies and their URIs to create a catalogue of reusable public sector software.

Thanks for making the Trove taxonomies available under CC BY 3.0.

We believe indeed that the use of common, multilingual taxonomies to categorise software could actually make software better searchable on the Web, and it’s great to be part of this evolution.

The languages covered are Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian. If you wish to add more or you just want to review the present work, the ADMS.Sw group would appreciate your help to review and curate the translated labels.

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