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Many Hats, Part Three: Distributor

Last week I wrote about’s role as an open source incubator. This week’s “hat” covers the services we provide to the vast majority of our audience: our role as an open source technology distributor.

Like I hinted in my last post, we push a lot of downloads. Our internal statistics system tells us that we pushed almost 64 million downloads in the month of September, and Google Analytics tells us that we pushed them to 231 distinct countries. Our global reach, paired with a stats system that allows projects to track their downloads over time, makes a good place to put stuff that you want people to notice and consume. But this consumer traffic is important for another reason.
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Meet the Staff: Daniel Hinojosa

Hi everybody!

Some of our staff members have asked to write entries on the Community Hub blog, and I think that’s a pretty good idea. First, though, I think they should be properly introduced! So this new series of articles, Meet the Staff, will focus on the people who make “go”.

So I’m going to take a quick break from my Many Hats of series to introduce Daniel Hinojosa, our Support Manager. Daniel hasn’t been with us long, but many of our users have already had the pleasure of working with him. Enjoy!

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October Project of the Month: Barcode4J

I’m pleased to announce the October Project of the Month, Barcode4J. You can read more about them at the POTM page.

Let’s give them a warm welcome to the POTM club!

Many Hats, Part Two: Incubator

This is the second post in my five part series, The Many Hats of I wrote about our role as an open source catalyst this past Tuesday, and the “hat” I’d like to write about now is similar but different: our role as an open source incubator. Being an open source catalyst is all about helping developers build better software; being an open source incubator is all about helping projects become successful businesses.
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Many Hats, Part One: Catalyst

I resolved to do a five part series on the Many Hats of, and, having received encouragement from Dana, I thought I’d get started. Last Thursday’s post wasn’t one of the five parts, naturally, because it was an introduction… which means that I still have all five left to go. So in consideration of the harsh reality that Thursday’s post didn’t count, I’m going to take it easy on the first part and select the role we’re possibly best known for, the one Dana attributed to us. This role is, of course, as an open source development catalyst.
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