Kenten Generic is an OpenType font that is based on the Adobe-Identity-0 ROS (ROS stands for /Registry, /Ordering, and /Supplement, and refers to the /CIDSystemInfo dictionary entries that define the glyph set name for CID-based character collections). The Adobe-Identity-0 ROS is a special-purpose character collection whose use is not tied to a specific language, and Kenten Generic is a special-purpose OpenType font that is intended to be used for typesetting emphasis marks, thus the reason why the Adobe-Identity-0 ROS was chosen as the basis for this OpenType font.


The Kenten Generic OpenType font includes glyphs for the following Unicode scalar values: U+0020, U+2022, U+25B2, U+25B3, U+25C9, U+25CB, U+25CE, U+25CF, U+25E6, U+FE45, and U+FE46. As an OpenType font, the following 15 'sfnt' tables are included: BASE, CFF, DSIG, GSUB, OS/2, VORG, cmap, head, hhea, hmtx, maxp, name, post, vhea, and vmtx.

For those who wish to use the AFDKO makeotf tool to rebuild this OpenType font, the following source files are also provided: cidfont.ps (CIDFont resource), cidfontinfo, UniKentenGeneric-UTF32-H (UTF-32 CMap resource), FontMenuNameDB, and features. The AFM file is also included for good measure. The following makeotf command line was used to build this font:

% makeotf -f cidfont.ps -r -osbOn 7 -osbOn 8 -osbOff 9 -ch UniKentenGeneric-UTF32-H

Note that the 'DSIG' table, which is included in the OpenType font, was added by Adobe Systems' release process.

Update Announcements

Updates to the Kenten Generic OpenType font are announced in the Kenten Generic OpenType Font Discussion page.



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