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Anonymous Mark Ramm

Welcome To Cairngorm

Established by Adobe Technical Services and partners, Cairngorm presents the foundations on how we deliver successful enterprise Flex and AIR projects.

The latest Cairngorm 3 consists of:

  1. Guidelines that describe client-side architecture, automated testing and build automation that we apply using
  2. Tools that help to ensure quality, consistency and efficiency and
  3. optional Libraries that can reduce code by solving recurring problems.

In contrast to the earlier Cairngorm 2 framework, many parts of the latest Cairngorm 3 apply across frameworks. So if you're using Parsley, Spring ActionScript, Robotlegs, PureMVC, Swiz, Mate or another framework on your projects, Cairngorm is complementary. For more information, read the Getting Started Guide, or begin exploring the guidelines, tools and libraries.