BlazeDS 4.0 Release Notes

Mayur Kansal SourceForge Editorial Staff Cory Johns

What's new

You can combine the data-centric development features of Flash Builder 4 with BlazeDS 4 to quickly build applications that use Java on the server. In this video, Christophe Coenraets uses Flash Builder 4 to build a Flex 4 client with a Java backend:

BlazeDS 4.01 fully supports Spring integration. New in this release is a Spring web-based sample application that you can use to become familiar with BlazeDS and Spring. After you install BlazeDS, you can view the sample Spring web application in your web browser. For more information on the web-based sample application refer to the Test Drive in the Installation Documentation. Christophe Coenraets describes how the two technologies are intergrated in this article

Known issues

  • BLZ-494 - If client is subscribed to multiple destinations over a single polling endpoint and one subscription is invalidated, polling stops.

Fixed issues

  • BLZ-495 - HTTP channel failed to deserialize Externalizable(ArrayCollection) body in an AsyncMessage instance.
  • BLZ-488 - Receive a class cast exception when deploying an application in a cluster.
  • BLZ-487 - MessagingConfiguration doesn't set JMX "manageable" property until after it's constructed.
  • BLZ-486 - Streaming http endpoint not working on Safari on Mac.
  • BLZ-479 - Only one consumer gets the message from the same client if they subscribe to the same Messaging Service destination.
  • BLZ-476 - Getting different error message in server's servlet log and console log when class is not of expected type.
  • BLZ-475 - Changes to introduced null pointer exception when using MultiTopicProducer.
  • BLZ-462 - ClassCast error caused by unchecked class cast in
  • BLZ-459 - create-asobject-for-missing-type: ASObject.getType is null.
  • BLZ-455 - Document client-load-balancing property in the sample configuration.
  • BLZ-453 - Failed to use NetConnection to invoke remote object.
  • BLZ-452 - AMFConnection does not work against NIO-based endpoints.
  • BLZ-449 - max-cache-size property should be deprecated.
  • BLZ-447 - AMF3 Deserialization: Wrongly counted reference ID of duplicated String when in the same message there are Strings with only wildcards.
  • BLZ-442 - Add a minimum SDK version field somewhere in BlazeDS.
  • BLZ-428 - Pinging an endpoint returns an HTTP: Status 200 code in Internet Explorer 8.
  • BLZ-427 - Add configuration option for BeanProxy#includeReadOnly property.
  • BLZ-425 - Memory leak in BlazeDS/3.x due to FlexClient instances not being released/garbage collected.
  • BLZ-424 - Incorrect user-agent string for Opera 10 in flex.messaging.client.UserAgentSettings.
  • BLZ-419 - NullPointerException in EnumDecoder when AS String is null.
  • BLZ-415 - Add a way to keep clients from subscribing to wild card subtopics.
  • BLZ-408 - MethodMatcher chooses wrong overloaded method.
  • BLZ-407 - ClientStatusException when AMF response contains special characters.
  • BLZ-405 - When client receives message over streaming amf/http channel not logging the message.
  • BLZ-404 - HTTP session timing out when receiving pushed messages over HTTP/AMF streaming.
  • BLZ-394 - Update user-agent settings for long-polling and streaming channels to include more of the major browsers by default
  • BLZ-392 - Endpoint URL should be encoded before sending an AMF request
  • BLZ-387 - BlazeDS server push hang.
  • BLZ-384 - Proxy not returning response body for HTTP PUT and DELETE requests.
  • BLZ-379 - When no properties are defined in channel-definition for streaming endpoint, default user-agent settings aren't applied.
  • BLZ-378 - Streaming AMF and polling AMF not working with Internet Explorer 6 or 8.
  • BLZ-376 - BlazeDS creates duplicate session cookies (JSESSIONID).
  • BLZ-375 - When cookies are disabled, the jsessionid is just read once on the Flex client ignoring following jsessionids sent from the server.
  • BLZ-371 - Adding or removing allowed/disallowed class from DeserializationValidator does not work once the DValidator has been called.
  • BLZ-366 - Getting channel fault when there is a transient disconnect on a streaming channel.
  • BLZ-361 - Channel that has client-load-balancing defined with an empty URL logs a warning at startup but maybe this should be an error.
  • BLZ-360 - Channel that has client-load-balancing defined with no urls should cause warning or error at startup.
  • BLZ-359 - Get a null pointer when using channel that uses client-load-balancing settings.
  • BLZ-358 - Get a compiler error from mxmlc when url in services config contains tokens.
  • BLZ-354 - Client still polling after calling ChannelSet.logout() when subscribed to messaging destination.
  • BLZ-347 - Secure AMF polling channel not working correctly on Internet Explorer in BlazeDS/3.x branch.
  • BLZ-346 - AMFConnection should give option to use an HTTP proxy.
  • BLZ-345 - AMFConnection does not set Content-Type header correctly.
  • BLZ-343 - Error: there should be no fault - No enum const class remoting.datatype.EnumType.remoting.datatype.EnumProxy$EnumStub@1dd6a16 with mxunit/tests/remotingService/dataTypes/EnumTypeTest.mxml.
  • BLZ-341 - When a MessageBrokerServlet fails to start due to configuration problems would be useful to know which web application had the problem.
  • BLZ-340 - The 'destination' property doesn't support a binding expression in MXML because it throws an RTE for null value assignment.
  • BLZ-339 - An AMF exception for parsing client message.
  • BLZ-313 - HTTPProxyService throws null pointer when non-turnkey BlazeDS application is deployed to Tomcat 6.0.16 * BLZ-311 - non-RFC 2109 compliant Cookies are ignored due to default HTTPClient CookiePolicy
  • BLZ-308 - Logging for creation of MessageFilter is, ""MessageBrokerFilter of type TestMessageFilter created." Log uses old name of MessageBrokerFilter."
  • BLZ-307 - Enhancement request for server writeOnly property in deserialization.
  • BLZ-301 - Selector expressions are not being cleaned up properly on unsubscribe.
  • BLZ-300 - Potential null pointer exception in file.
  • BLZ-299 - Empty string is returned by MessageBrokerServlet exception when multiple DeserializationValidators are created of the same type, unless the type has been explicitly entered in the services-config file.
  • BLZ-294 - Channel documentation errors.
  • BLZ-292 - Data push sample does not work in BlazeDS turnkey.
  • BLZ-290 - Getting NullPointerException in when subscribing to clustered destination.
  • BLZ-289 - In failover method need to do lookup of AdvancedChannelSet in try/catch block.
  • BLZ-288 - Consumer is only receiving first pushed message when Consumer and RemoteObject that is used to push the messages use different channel sets but same channel.
  • BLZ-287 - Potential null pointer in MessageAgent set destination method.
  • BLZ-282 - Amf3Input doesn't correctly generate property names for AmfTrace (debug).
  • BLZ-281 - Revisit throttling-related metrics exposed via JMX.
  • BLZ-279 - Should be able to create MultiTopicConsumer and MultiTopicProducer using MXML tag. * BLZ-276 - Getting RTE running tests that use streaming AMF channel.
  • BLZ-274 - fb-project-setup.htm contains incorrect step - Uncheck Create combined Java/Flex project using WTP.
  • BLZ-263 - NoSuchMethodError when compiling with JDK 1.4.
  • BLZ-256 - my-polling-amf polling interval is different in BlazeDS and LiveCycle Data Services.
  • BLZ-255 - Trader desktop sample with per-client-qos-polling-amf channel is confusing. * BLZ-251 - Destination.stop() and Service.stop() don't seem to do anything.
  • BLZ-237 - Get run time error running tests that use chart classes. * BLZ-235 - AMFTrace on AMFClient.
  • BLZ-233 - Add a heartbeatInterval property to ChannelSet.
  • BLZ-222 - Documentation should include a sample of server pushing messages to Flex clients. * BLZ-214 - Maps with enum keys return null values.
  • BLZ-208 - Add javax.jms.MapMessage support to JMS messaging adapter.
  • BLZ-206 - Documentation should mention that BlazeDS supports RemoteObject invocation via NetConnection calls.
  • BLZ-205 - Dead code in * BLZ-202 - Minor typo in
  • BLZ-192 - Channel.requestTimeout cannot be set in services-config.xml file.
  • BLZ-190 - LoginManager.start/stop should call LoginCommand.start/stop.
  • BLZ-180 - Missing files: flex-tomcat-common.jar and flex-tomcat-server.jar
  • BLZ-134 - Adding the ability to set headers for Cache-Control and Expires for the AMF response.
  • BLZ-100 - AMF serialization from Java to ActionScript not working corectly for Map types.
  • BLZ-64 - LoginCommand.logout() not called when executing RemoteObject.logout().
  • BLZ-35 - Documentation for faultDetail using RemoteObject.


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