BlazeDS 3 Release Notes

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Release Notes

What's New in BlazeDS 3.2

The BlazeDS 3.2 release fixes known issues in the previous BlazeDS release, but adds no new features.

This release also includes a documentation update to the "Using the Remoting Service" chapter from the "BlazeDS Developer Guide" describes a resolution to bug BLZ-231 for using the AMFConnection API to call remote objects from Java applications. Download the PDF file to obtain this update.

For more information on the AMFConnection Java class, see the AMFConnection API reference.

BlazeDS 3.2 Minimum System Requirements

Java Virtual Machines

  • JDK 1.5 or higher

Application Servers

  • Java Servlet container supporting servlet 2.3 or higher

Flex/AIR Applications using BlazeDS

  • Flex SDK 3.2 build 3794 (
  • AIR 1.1 runtime
  • Flash Player 9

BlazeDS 3.2 Fixed Issues

This section describes the issues fixed in BlazeDS 3.

BLZ-252 and BLZ-253

In BlazeDS 3, the match-on configuration property lets you set browser-specific limits to streaming channels for the kickstart-bytes and max-streaming-connections-per-session properties. The match-on values are compared against the User-Agent HTTP request header value returned from the browser. Therefore, to configure setting for specific browsers, determine the User-Agent request header value and then set the match-on configuration property accordingly. The match-on value can be a substring of the full User-Agent value.

The following examples sets these properties for the Firefox browser:

            kickstart-bytes= "0"
            kickstart-bytes= "0"

If multiple match-on values match the User-Agent HTTP request header value, the one with the longest match is used. In the example above, if the User-Agent HTTP request header value is "Firefox/3", the second match-on property is used since it has a longer match.

In this release, you can now specify a match-on value of "*". A match-on value of "*" is the default configuration used to match a client that does not match any of the other match-on values. However, BlazeDS has built-in default settings for Internet Explorer (match-on="MSIE") and FireFox (match-on="Firefox"). Therefore, you must explicitly specify those browsers as the value of the match-on property to override the defaults.

You can now include the user-agent-settings property for long polling channels, in addition to setting it for streaming channels, to set the max-streaming-connections-per-session property. The max-streaming-connections-per-session property limits the total number of long polling or streaming connections that can be made from a client to the endpoint in the same browser session. If a long polling channel attempts to connect to an endpoint that is already at the number of connections specified by max-streaming-connections-per-session, the long polling channel will use polling instead.

BlazeDS maintains a single setting of max-streaming-connections-per-session. Therefore, set max-streaming-connections-per-session to the same value for all streaming and long polling channels.

Other Fixed Issues

  • BLZ-83 - LC DS now supports NetConnection calls over HTTP from FMS3.
  • BLZ-176 - No authentication error when a Producer tries to send a message over streaming channel with insufficient credentials.
  • BLZ-188 - MBeanServerGateway.queryNames() and queryMBeans() methods can throw a ClassCastExceptions error.
  • BLZ-198 - MBeanServerGateway.getFlexDomains() can throw a StringIndexOutOfBoundsException error.
  • BLZ-200 - Setting virtual-host in proxy-config can cause a ConfigurationException error.
  • BLZ-201 - Configuring a host and port for proxy setting can cause a ConfigurationException.
  • BLZ-210 - Java-Enums not mapped correctly when using StreamingAMFEndpoint.
  • BLZ-217 - Add a resources/lib directory to BlazeDS turnkey with messaging JAR files.
  • BLZ-212 - The values of properties within <properties> blocks in configuration files need to be trimmed.
  • BLZ-221 - After removing a symbol, it could not be added back to the list.
  • BLZ-223 - Send/receive messages over streaming HTTP channels not functioning properly in build 2560.
  • BLZ-224 - The description for the Trader Desktop application said that one of the channels used by the application was long-polling, but long-polling isn't used in the sample.
  • BLZ-225 - flex.samples.marketdata.Stock application is not serializable, and the example can fail in a cluster.
  • BLZ-227 - When using a JMS Destination, MessageClient and FlexClient are not released from memory when the session times out.
  • BLZ-231 - Expose the instantiateTypes property of SerializationContext on the AMFConnection Java class.
  • LCDS-329 - AMF streams can becomes corrupted when serializing XML documents that exist in an object graph.
  • LCDS-370 - Passing user credentials from Flex application to WAS 6.1 returns java.lang.ClassCastException.
  • SDK-16086 - Credentials can be cleared following a server crash or network disconnect. This situation can cause automatic reconnect to secure destinations to fail.
  • file which is used in vendor specific login commands was not being read properly and as a result some login related error messages were not being displayed correctly.

BlazeDS 3.2 Known Issues

BlazeDS 3 Release Notes

This section contains the release notes for BlazeDS 3.

  • BlazeDS 3 Minimum System Requirements
  • BlazeDS 3 Known Issues
Minimum System Requirements

Java Virtual Machines

  • JDK 1.5 or higher

Application Servers

Flex/AIR Applications using BlazeDS

  • Flex 3 SDK
  • AIR 1.0 runtime
  • Flash Player 9
Known Issues