WebKit and Adobe Contributions

Anonymous Dave McAllister Cristian Macarascu

CSS Shaders prototype

CSS Shaders bring cinematic visual effects to HTML, using simple CSS syntax. They expand the visual effects and interactivity possible with Web content.
With CSS shaders, you can twist, wave, curl, and color your content in any way you like to create effects such as flipping pages, curling corners, paper textures, curtain effects, magnifying glass, or anything else you can express in a shading language.
We, Adobe, think CSS shaders can be both visually pleasing and, perhaps more importantly, provide enhanced user experience by offering very organic and natural user interaction feedback.
See http://dvcs.w3.org/hg/FXTF/raw-file/tip/custom/index.html for the concepts we propose with CSS Shaders.

This prototype implementation leverages some Chrome specific features at the low level to add support for CSS shaders. You can download source code delta from Chromium 101238 from Downloads section of this page, under CSSShaders folder.

Webkit and CSSRegions

CSS Regions are a proposed addition from Adobe to the W3C CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) web standard that allows designers to build complex magazine like layouts using web standards.
Adobe engineers have worked on a prototype implementation in a customized version of WebKit.
Adobe is making this prototype implementation available as well as several samples showing CSS Regions for developers to experiment with this new technology.
The binary package together with samples is available here.
WebKit source files used to build this customized version of WebKit are available via Perforce or in the Downloads section of this page, under CSSRegions folder. Headers of modified sources do contain special notice.

Webkit and Adobe AIR

The WebKit library is used to render HTML and execute JavaScript in Adobe® AIR™. Adobe AIR allows web developers to deploy rich Internet applications on the desktop. Our plan is to contribute our changes back to the WebKit community in the near future. We are currently working on getting the code smoothly integrated into the WebKit source tree. We hope to make our contributions included in the WebKit open source project soon. In the meantime, we are participating in the conversation at http://webkit.org/contact.html. So, if you have any questions or concerns, please email us at the webkit-dev mailing list.

The Dreamweaver CS5 HTML5 extensions at Adobe Labs are tied to some minor changes in Webkit.

Updates to Webkit for HTML5/CSS 3 Support

  • Enable support for video and audio tags
  • Enable text-shadow on Win and Mac
  • Enable box-shadow on Mac

Webkit source containing these changes are available as a zip file here.

Also, please visit the Adobe AIR product page on Adobe.com.

Project Plans

  • We hope to integrate our changes back into the WebKit source repository at webkit.org soon.
  • In the long term we expect that the WebKit shared library will not contain any platform specific code.