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Welcome to odaba

[ODABA] is an terminology oriented database management system (TODBMS) on a high conceptual level. It provides a number of enhanced features based on natural language analysis. Beside the database kernel a number of tools are provided for database design, documentation and fast development.

We release odaba as GPL software after over 15 years of active development. ODABA is currently used in several closed source projects as reliable engine. As ODABA is a very complex it is likely that even after reading the [ODABA Online Documentation] and the [ODABA Documents] you will produce situations that look like bugs but are programming errors on your side. When you think your code is correct in correspondence to the documentation but still the library is not doing what it should do, then please provide a compilable example (eg as visual studio project or a tar.gz containing a Makefile) as attachment to your Ticket. Tell us what you'd expect to to happen and whats happening.

Our Team will then try to reproduce the problem on the current version and include a fix in the next release.

Also note that this ticket tracker is used to connect you with the developers of ODABA. As ODABA provides a powerful system to handle tickets (Notices) internally not even a percent of the issues found and fixed and even less of the new features are documented here. You should refer to the ChangeLogs? that are provided with each release or take a look in the databases yourself