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From mpgcan

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Welcome to MPG's Wiki A mixed bag including additional support material for UniServer.


There are currently 81 articles online.



  • PHP CLI - A very powerful tool, includes working examples
  • Moving MediaWiki to 5.0-Nano
  • Reverse Proxy Server - includes mod proxy html
  • Portable SVN on 5.0-Nano


  • 5.0-Nano Design - Control architecture overview and code snippets


  • Drupal on 5.0-Nano - How to enable portable cron
  • Joomla on 5.0-Nano - How to resolve portability issues
  • MediaWiki on 5.0-Nano
  • Moodle on 5.0-Nano - How to resolve portability issues and enable portable cron
  • WordPress on 5.0-Nano
  • Xoops on 5.0-Nano - How to resolve portability issues


General Information

  • Drop off point : A comprehensive guide to Uniform Server 4.0-Mona series can be found here

  • News : A new version V5 is currently entering Alpha8 stage hopefully a beta is just around the corner.

    OK a new component! MySQL updated, Alpha9 released, few more tests before a beta release


My Tests

Yep! This is a test page

All the best MPG (Ric)

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