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Standalone app and DolphinHD -plugin to implement a client for Firefox Sync

standalone app

image:weaveapp_qscode.png image:weaveapp_screenshot1.png image:weaveapp_screenshot2.png

View, copy to clipboard and open tabs, bookmarks and of cause stored passwords from the weave server.

DolphinHD plugin


Oneway-sync stored passwords (form-based and HTTP Auth) from the server into the browser and open tabs from other computers.

engineering notes


  • Sorage API (v1)
  • used by Sync API (v1.1)
  • using Data Model (v3)

Contact the server

  • HTTP basic auth
  • SSL
  • basic REST

settings from about:settings in a Firefox:

api: Sync API 1.0

CURL examples:

curl --user marcuswolschon:XXXXXXX -v "https://phx-sync057.services.mozilla.com/1.0/marcuswolschon/info/collections"
curl --user marcuswolschon:XXXXXXX "https://phx-sync057.services.mozilla.com/1.0/marcuswolschon/storage/passwords"
curl --user marcuswolschon:XXXXXXX "https://phx-sync057.services.mozilla.com/1.0/marcuswolschon/storage/passwords?full=true"
curl --user marcuswolschon:XXXXXXX "https://phx-sync057.services.mozilla.com/1.0/marcuswolschon/storage/crypto/passwords"
curl --user marcuswolschon:XXXXXXX "https://phx-sync057.services.mozilla.com/1.0/marcuswolschon/storage/tabs?full=true"

History in WebKit:

  • get history: browserActivity.getTabControl().getCurrentTab().getTopWindow().copyBackForwardList()
  • put history only possible using restore(Bundle).
    • source
    • saveState(), then modify the bundle, then restoreState()?
    • Bundle contains WebHistoryItem immuatable, uses byte[]
    • restoring history from Mozilla Weave to a new Tab failed.


  • decryption works now
  • simple Android application to show stored passwords, tabs and bookmarks published
  • simple DolphinHD plugin to open tabs from other computers
  • choosing a server
  • import of passwords for forms and http-auth
    • implemented in plugin version 1.1
  • send tabs to the server
  • import bookmarks from the server
  • implement SimplifiedCrypto and storage format 4 to be compatible with the latest Firefox Betas


  • extend plugin to send passwords to the server instead of just receiving them
  • extend plugin to send bookmarks to the server instead of just receiving them
  • implement sending and receiving history
  • importing form-data seems to be incompatible. Firefox stores them independent of the form while in Webkit they are bound to a specific form URL






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