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  • Modified ticket #116 on Sardana

    expconf does not allow to add 2D channels to the MG

  • Posted a comment on ticket #116 on Sardana

    patch was send to the mailing list and applied to the develop branch.

  • Committed [aa0a36]

    Fix bug-116: add TwoDExpChannel to exp channels

  • Committed [71f0ec]

    Merge branch 'bug-116' into develop

  • Committed [6a1481]

    Delay check of the roles in CreateController cmd

  • Committed [5f6816]

    motor_ids rely on pool ctrl rather than Tango dev

  • Committed [b8f4e5]

    Raise the exception of invalid roles

  • Created ticket #664 on TANGO Control System

    problem while installing PyTango 8.1.1 with pip (using pip 1.4.1)

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