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  • Committed [r2629]

    [OneClick] fixed Blu-Ray playlist p...

  • Committed [r2628]

    [x264] added 16:15 to the --sar...

  • Modified ticket #758 on MeGUI

    AviSynth creator cropping error

  • Posted a comment on ticket #758 on MeGUI

    I cannot fix FFMS2 but in 2627 a new AvisynthWrapper has been introduced which should...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #728 on MeGUI

    The crash should now be catched by the new AvisynthWrapper in MeGUI 2627. But the...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #823 on MeGUI

    Fixed in 2627. Now old Avisynth versions will be blocked.

  • Committed [r2627]

    [Main] detects during startup if AviSynth can b...

  • Committed [r2626]

    Update to recent avisynth.h (interface 6)

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