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  • Posted a comment on ticket #479 on Forge

    The way this is currently set up, OpenSSH v7 users with DSA keys will always be asked...

  • Committed [r145]

    * Added support for KDE 5; removed that for KDE 3

  • Committed [r144]

    * The command-line usage is no longer shown in ...

  • Committed [r143]

    * Improved the way skin switching is handled

  • Committed [r142]

    * Tidied Makefile output if some dependencies a...

  • Committed [r141]

    * Minor changes to the OS X Makefile and execut...

  • Committed [r140]

    * Finalised Mac OS X support; installer plus Ma...

  • Committed [r139]

    * Added long overdue initial support for Mac OS X

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